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Sitting down with Sabine Howest

September 14, 2020

Sitting down with Sabine Howest
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The future of CX for IoT solutions includes three essential features according to Ingram Micro’s VP of Global Partner Engagement and IoT, Sabine Howest.
Sabine has demonstrated time and time again her outstanding leadership skills through numerous waves of technological advancements. Now, she and her team are focusing on building the next generation of IoT.
In this episode, Keri and Sabine discuss:
  • Three major features IoT solutions must possess for great CX
  • How partners can leverage IoT on a local and global scale
  • How Sabine’s leadership style has driven her to focus on diversity and inclusion
  • What the future of IoT looks like
Contact the Global IoT team via LinkedIn, Twitter or email at iot@ingrammicro.com

"If technology goes deeper and further and touches more and more non-technology segments, with that will come different needs for privacy, security, and the sheer amount of data that will be produced." — Sabine Howest

3 features IoT solutions need for great CX

Customer experience has become an integral part of today’s technology. Users simply expect a great experience wherever they are.
In reality, IoT was built to meet the need for quality CX. Ideally we don’t even want to notice CX—it should be seamless.
In fact, that’s the first feature Sabine points out:
1. Seamlessness
When a customer invests in IoT products, they should be one end-to-end solution practically right out of the box. It’s what customers are hoping for and, quite frankly, expecting from technology today.
This means the IoT solution should have the capability to compile data points, process the data, and even produce meaningful and helpful results from those data sets.
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2. Security
The second feature IoT solutions must possess is security. This is a big one.
If customers are willing to opt in to having their data collected, they want to know it’s protected and being used responsibly. Isn’t that what we all want?
As IoT solutions become more seamless, they continue to make our lives easier. People want to take advantage of that ease-of-life, but at what cost? They need to know their personal data is safe, so security is of the utmost importance.
3. Actionability
The third feature for great CX in IoT is actionability, or the ability to purposefully act on the data it processes.

Sabine iterates that IoT solutions need to have an overarching purpose and produce data that are meaningful to humans. This allows humans to decide how to leverage the data and continue improving technology and, therefore, life.

Strategize globally and execute locally

Ingram Micro is bringing to the table the IoT Center of Excellence to allow partners, customers, and sales associates the ability to physically see how the IoT market works and discover how to leverage it. Seeing, touching and living IoT is the best way to learn the business and eliminate hassle.

Depending on your business size, there’s an opportunity to utilize Ingram Micro’s IoT team. From larger businesses working with our services and consulting, to mid-market using our enablement and training business, we can analyze your customer base and help determine the best path for your business growth.

Leadership style

Listening is key. It keeps up morale,  helps with participation and boosts trust across an entire team. Sabine tries to keep the mentality of “what kind of boss would I like to be?” This leads to her empathetic and transparent approach to her new role as VP.
“We have to respect each other as equals”—Sabine Howest
Having a diverse team is important and Sabine does her best to ensure hers is comprised of people from all sorts of backgrounds. It takes time and patience because sometimes the best candidates take a little longer to apply for positions. Having a group of people sit around the table with completely different opinions opens up meaningful creativity and rewarding conversations, which are important for growth. Take the time when selecting candidates because it’s worth the wait.
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