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Simplify your business and drive value for your customers with the BOT

December 10, 2021

Simplify your business and drive value for your customers with the BOT
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Everyone wants to know how to spend less time pressing buttons and doing other kinds of repetitive work.
The Business Operations and Transformation team, or BOT, is here to help you take that work and make it simple.
Shelby Skrhak talks with Jonathan Silsby, director of Solution Design and Services at Ingram Micro, about:

  • The functions within BOT
  • Challenges that BOT helps clients overcome
  • The unique value proposition of licensing services


BOT is a large team within Ingram Micro that performs several different functions.
In this group, there is the Solution Design and Services team (SD&S), a licensing department, a business enablement and optimization group, as well as a strategic initiatives group.
“We have 600 associates overall,” Jonathan says. “It’s huge, and that’s because we have a lot of very specific experts in our group who do very specific things.” 


BOT helps customers build out solutions specifically tailored to their needs.
In SD&S alone, there are 235 associates who are expert solution design specialists with industry-level certifications across all vendors.
With that much expertise, they are pros at gathering specs, putting the products together, drafting a proposal or quote and returning all of that information back to the partner.
For resellers, the true value of this team is time back. For example, a sales architect for a company is now able to spend less time building out a solution and more time selling and spending time with their customers.
“We have our experts here for our customers to utilize so that they can properly serve their customers,” Jonathan says.
Essentially, digital transformation takes a village. Utilizing the BOT's vast expertise, customers are able to expand their capabilities. 


Within the BOT, the licensing department offers a unique value proposition.
As you no doubt know, there is a massive amount of software out there. So much, in fact, that it can be challenging to keep track of everything.
The licensing department employs specialists in licensing and renewing who participate in the partner programs offered by those vendors.
That makes them SMEs, meaning they know all the ins and outs of the software in their particular specialty.
But the licensing department offers another valuable service.
If you’re a reseller selling software, you’ve got renewals to manage. The licensing department has products like RenewVue that will automatically send out renewal notices on behalf of partners.
“The platform is actionable,” Jonathan says, “so it can proactively send quotes.”
Plus, it provides a long-range view on the renewal process sending out notices 3 months in advance.
And that’s not all.
“Every one of those emails that gets sent out from our RenewVue tool is a lead for that partner,” Jonathan says.
As a result, your team is provided with a steady stream of new leads every month, in addition to recurring revenue.
For more information, reach out to your Ingram Micro sales representative.
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