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Shortening the sales cycle with MPS portal

April 24, 2020

Shortening the sales cycle with MPS portal
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The need for managed print services (MPS) is increasing due to the cost-effectiveness and overall efficiency.
In the past, MPS was not an easy sell. That’s why Ingram Micro is streamlining the sales cycle with the new MPS portal.
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, Keri speaks with Ingram Micro senior vendor business manager, Paul Sin, about the MPS portal.

They discuss:

"We developed a tool—our MPS portal—to help any partner go in and quote out an MPS deal based on just a few questions." — Paul Sin

Why the MPS portal is essential to partners

Even during these uncertain times, businesses are still operating and, therefore, still need managed print services.
What’s great about the new MPS portal is that it helps partners better serve the SMB market. Easier management of their MPS shortens the sales cycle for SMBs, resulting in more cost efficiency for both parties.
While the new MPS program is focused on the SMB market, it’s still capable of scaling up.

MPS portal inspiration

Ingram Micro was inspired to build the MPS portal to target an underserved market: SMBs.
Additionally, IM took a play out of the cellphone market playbook. Bundling hardware, software and data makes it that much easier to sell your services. Not to mention it makes it simpler for customers to buy into one service provider.
To get in touch with Ingram Micro’s print services, send a message to sales@ingrammicrofps.com