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Security considerations for remote work at scale

April 21, 2020

Security considerations for remote work at scale
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Maintaining a remote workforce means a lot of hands-on responsibility, including: productivity, continuity, making resources available to your employees and security. Fortunately, there are experts to help. Listen to this episode of B2B Tech Talk to hear Fortinet’s security pros discuss maintaining security for remote workforces.
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, Keri talks with Fortinet’s Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Peter Newton, and Sr. Director of Corporate Channel Marketing, Darius Goodall.

The trio discusses:

  • Transferring an entire workforce from the office to remote work
  • How companies can serve extensive work-from-home populations
  • How to provide remote workers with the resources they need while maintaining security
"There's been a shift or a dynamic for partners to help their customers understand what's off-premise and what's on-premise. What needs a VPN and what doesn't? Then, how do you optimize that?" — Darius Goodall

Improving remote work productivity

No one was planning on migrating their entire workforce to work from home. Offering employees ways to remain productive while working from home is crucial for maintaining some kind of normalcy.
Fortinet’s remote work solutions are created to be easy to use from the time you open the box to a product’s end of life.
Particularly, the FortiGate NGFWs include a no-touch deployment functionality. It’s simple for your employees to set up for their home computers.
The FortiGate NGFWs enable appliances to be deployed in a snap at remote sites. This helps to ensure business continuity and reliable support for telework.
Plus, the hardware acceleration in each FortiGate NGFW offers a scalable remote working connectivity.

Advanced security considerations

It’s important to keep in mind that Fortinet can assist partners with any teleworking security solution, including:
  • Endpoint protection
  • Managing consumer devices on the VPN
  • Securing direct-access cloud applications
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