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Security and the changing landscape of distribution | President’s Club Series

May 14, 2021

Security and the changing landscape of distribution | President’s Club Series
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It’s an exciting time to be in tech and distribution.
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, Logan Lyles talks with Kirk Robinson, Chief Country Executive, and Eric Kohl, Vice President of Cybersecurity and Data Center, both with Ingram Micro about:
  • Trends and changes in the security landscape
  • 2 themes in the changing tech landscape
  • What vendors, MSPs and solution providers should know about the changing landscape
  • Data centers, cloud and a hybrid world

Trends and changes in security

With the rise of work from home, the entire security landscape changed.
“There’s no perimeter anymore,” says Eric, “and the landscape is certainly dynamic, it’s complicated, and it’s ever changing.”
Some big trends:
  • A ton of mergers and acquisitions
  • Increasing hype around SASE, zero trust, and identity and access management solutions
  • Protecting your own house from fraudulent activity
  • Ingram Micro bringing a lot of new and exciting security vendors into the organization
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2 themes in the changing landscape

  1. The rapid rate of change in technology - You need to keep your head on a swivel and continuously look at how to change your business to meet new needs.
  2. Mergers and acquisitions at an all-time high - It’s happening with vendors, customers and distributors. Ingram Micro, in particular, is getting acquired by Platinum Equity allowing us to do what we do best—focus on the experience we deliver to our partners.

What to know for manufacturers

Platinum Equity will open up some new avenues.
“We’re going to look at some areas owned by Platinum and that’s going to open up some opportunities around our public sector business and we’ll continue to look at growing our advanced solutions and services business.”

What to know for partners, MSPs and solution providers

One constant is we want our partners to never say no to their customers. We’ll continue to focus on the experience we deliver and on offering financial solutions to partners.

Data centers, cloud and a hybrid world

We’re in the thick of the shift to cloud. But after a relatively down year in 2020, data center spend will recover. We’re going to continue to live in a hybrid world.
But it’s not just a shift to cloud. It’s a shift to subscription for MSPs. As Ingram Micro brings on new vendors to augment services and capabilities, that will be a huge growth opportunity.
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