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Scaling and securing your network infrastructure is imperative (now more than ever)

September 04, 2020

Scaling and securing your network infrastructure is imperative (now more than ever)
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The accelerated shift to digital due to new technologies and the global Coronavirus pandemic has changed the game in terms of scaling your network’s work capacity to serve employees and customers.
Technology was already accelerating, and customers and employees were already expecting more. The COVID-19 pandemic just drove home how important it is to be nimble at scale.
In a recent episode of B2B Tech Talk, Mark Hwang, Director Strategic Alliances at Panduit, discussed making the digital shift—at scale.

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

“At the end of the day, the winners are the ones that make this digital shift to serve their customers and employees.” — Mark Hwang

Digital is going to be pretty much everything from now on.

Tech specs for your infrastructure
When an organization is taking the annual (or quarterly) look at their network infrastructure, they should keep these considerations in mind:

  1. Am I looking at the data center environment or the enterprise environment?

Data center will have higher data rate capacity needs, whereas enterprise will need a more robust distributed network.

  1. Am I doing big data applications?

Then I should expect to need higher data rates.

  1. When will I need to upgrade next?
I might be comfortable on 40 GB today, but I’m going to need 100 GB or 400 GB in a heartbeat.

The exact number of gigabytes is less important right now than an infrastructure that will allow you to scale seamlessly.

Keeping the end in mind
It might make more sense to install a better infrastructure than you need at this second to avoid a costly upgrade in a year.

Every time you jump from 10 to 40 to 100 GB, the distance capability shrinks in your fiber infrastructure. The number of connections you can integrate in your infrastructure decreases.
Technology is continually moving. Each organization knows what its needs are. And despite unexpected events, we have to keep the end in mind to ensure the success of our organization.

It’s a balance of cost against future technologies. We should plan for our current network to facilitate improvements in the future.

Where is technology going in the next year?
Mark said we’re in the early stages of truly harnessing the power of digital: big data, AI, quantum computing, smart buildings, etc.

At the center of all of that transformation is the network. Those connections are going to become more robust, scalable and reliable than ever before.
Learn about Panduit’s partners and alliances at www.panduit.com/panduitciscoalliance or by contacting Mark via LinkedIn.
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