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Episode 68 | Scale on-demand with VMware Cloud on AWS

June 24, 2020

Episode 68 | Scale on-demand with VMware Cloud on AWS
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A big challenge for any IT company is the pre-planning and pre-allocation of resources. How are you supposed to know when or why you’re going to need to increase resources?
Now there’s a solution: VMware Cloud on AWS. Doug Logsdon, business development manager and Jason Crandall, staff solution engineer join Keri to talk about scaling on-demand.

They also cover:

  • Why the freedom VMwaare Cloud on AWS gives developers when scaling up is necessary
  • The type of enterprises that have found success with scaling on-demand
  • Pros and cons of migrating fully to the cloud
Learn more about scaling on-demand from the data center to the cloud, seamless scalability, and VMware Cloud on AWS.
For more info on implementing VMware Cloud on AWS, email vcpp@ingrammicro.com.
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