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Scale on-demand with VMware Cloud on AWS

June 24, 2020

Scale on-demand with VMware Cloud on AWS
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A big challenge for any IT company is the pre-planning and pre-allocation of resources. How are you supposed to know when or why you’re going to need to increase resources?
Now there’s a solution: VMware Cloud on AWS. Doug Logsdon, business development manager and Jason Crandall, staff solution engineer join Keri to talk about scaling on-demand.

They also cover:

  • Why the freedom VMwaare Cloud on AWS gives developers when scaling up is necessary
  • The type of enterprises that have found success with scaling on-demand
  • Pros and cons of migrating fully to the cloud
"Inherently, when you move to any kind of a SaaS platform, you're giving up a little bit of control because they're going to operate that all on the back end." — Jason Crandall
With the agility and freedom of operating on the cloud come other sacrifices like not being able to customize deployments.
However, there are many enterprises that wholly benefit from cloud solutions such as VMware Cloud on AWS. These types of companies include…
Seasonal retailers
Companies that require rapid scale up and down at certain times of the year have found a lot of success with scale on-demand from VMware. They don’t need that kind of scale all the time; but, in the busy seasons, they need resources fast.
Companies with heavy testing periods
IT companies who tend to have heavy testing periods for developers a few times a year greatly benefit from scale on-demand through VMware Cloud on AWS. The reliability and flexibility of the cloud make it an effective option for high-test seasons.
Companies with large remote workforces
Enterprises that employ a great amount of remote or contract workers can benefit from scale on-demand. In busy seasons, you’re able to scale up to full operations and scale down quickly as needed. This option is especially great for contact centers.

Learn more about scaling on-demand from the data center to the cloud, seamless scalability, and VMware Cloud on AWS.
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