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SASE by Cisco: The Future of Cloud Security & Accessibility

June 04, 2021

SASE by Cisco: The Future of Cloud Security & Accessibility
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Cisco is on a mission to revolutionize the cloud security and access space. With more applications moving to the cloud, it’s becoming more challenging than ever to maintain speed, security, and connectivity.

In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, Travis King talks with Tom Mann from Ingram Micro and Nick Kelly from Cisco about their solution, SASE.

Episode topics:

  • How IT departments can ensure functionality in the midst of security controls
  • The dangers of bypassing company implemented security features
  • How SASE can enable your organization to reach peak performance
  • Cisco’s “Connect, Converge, Control” framework


Traditional Security Features

For most remote workers, the connection process is the same. You have a laptop, you launch a VPN, and then your web traffic is all directed back to your headquarters to ensure that it’s safe.

The problem is that for a lot of work forces, their systems might have been set up to handle a small percentage of employees working from home. Their VPNs may be able to handle 15%– 20% of a workforce connection.

Not 100%.

This leads people to simply disable those security features because, far too often, those inefficient security features end up slowing down traffic and bogging down machines, making it  much longer to accomplish their work.

So is it any wonder that nearly 80% of people have admitted to doing their work outside of their VPNs?

This leads to credential theft, intellectual property exposure, increased phishing attacks, and so much more.

Enter SASE

Cisco’s SASE (secure access service edge) aims to deliver simplicity, but never at the cost of security.

It’s focused on the following three things:

Connectivity— Simply making sure that you stay connected. How often have you been on a video call only to have it start to get choppy? So you turn off your video to maintain connectivity.

Convergence— Taking all of the security controls, and all of the things that you have to log into and manage, and reduce the number of screens, support numbers, help desk tickets, and updates you have to engage with.

Control— Implementing parallel policy enforcement across all of the different channels that people are using, and all the different applications being accessed.

At its core, SASE is about simplifying the access controls around your network environment.

If employees can do the safe and secure thing with the same amount of effort as the unsafe and insecure thing, they will. SASE is all about enabling that level of security and simplicity.

Email BTC@ingrammicro.com for more information about the ways that SASE might be able to help your organization.