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Rethink how you market Lenovo DCG with Intel Xeon

Discover the secret sauce for multi-vendor offerings

December 11, 2020

Rethink how you market Lenovo DCG with Intel Xeon
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As the IT world rethinks data storage and processing, it’s up to service providers to rethink how we market those solutions.
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, Keri sits down with Ed Soo Hoo, an Innovation & Transformation executive for Lenovo’s DCG Field C Suite, and Todd Myrick, global product marketing manager at Lenovo. The trio discusses… 
  • The benefits of a larger tier of data persistence
  • The secret sauce to marketing multi-vendor offerings
  • Expert tips on acquiring and retaining customers
  • The future of technology
“Finding useful patterns of data—making quick heads or tails of it—is the new Holy Grail of IT.” — Todd Myrick

Marketing multi-vendor offerings

Anybody can compile data. Not everybody can make sense of it, though. Right now, a multi-vendor approach would be the best option for you and your customers who need accelerated insights from their data.
A multi-vendor approach also allows your customers to make choices that make sense for them. Flexibility is a big plus when it comes to this approach.
No matter what your customers’ unique needs might be, working with multiple vendors will help them reach their individual business goals. Additionally, it gives you and your customers the ability to adapt quickly to future opportunities.
Opportunities such as edge computing and optimized data storage are challenges that Intel Xeon and Lenovo DCG storage can solve.

Acquiring and retaining customers

Acquiring and retaining customers both take great customer experience, says Ed.
"When customers are surprised and delighted by new experiences, even long-held beliefs will change, making new customers more willing to repeat that new behavior." — Ed Soo Hoo
To successfully market your services to a new customer takes an extremely smooth and thoughtful customer experience. Offering value and insights even before the buyer signs creates a positive connection to your company in their mind. Don’t hesitate to help someone who is currently loyal to another brand—you might be surprised by the reaction you get.
On the other hand, retaining customers has its own challenges. The attention a new customer receives should continue after the contract is signed. It’s up to you to find new ways to offer value to long-term customers.
Gathering insights from customer data can give you the edge you need to retain clients. Accelerating those data insights allows you to uncover growth opportunities for your customers long before competitors catch on.

Where’s technology going?

Ed and Todd see more small businesses adopting cutting-edge technologies in the next year. AI and edge computing will soon be the key differentiators for many businesses.
Learn more about Intel Select Solutions and flexible solutions for accelerated insights.