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Relevant enablement for resellers from Cisco and Ingram Micro

March 20, 2020

Relevant enablement for resellers from Cisco and Ingram Micro
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Convenience is king when it comes to user experience. That’s why Ingram Micro teamed up with Cisco to bring our partners The Voyage Program. We realize it’s a hassle to click through multiple pages in order to find the info you need. So, we wanted to make a point of discussing these updated platforms on B2B Tech Talk.

In this episode, Marketing Manager Corie Moran and Vendor Business Manager Michelle Edmonds from Ingram Micro, speak to Keri about:

  • How Cisco and Ingram Micro are working to deliver relevant enablement to resellers
  • How Ingram Micro helps its partners stay ahead of market trends
  • Why on-demand content has been the top priority for Cisco and Ingram Micro

Simplicity is the common theme

If you’re wondering why Ingram Micro and Cisco have been working together on Meraki Voyage and the virtual learning portal, the answer is, well, simple. Simplicity is our overarching goal.
Through simplicity, partners will find it easier to access all the materials they need to increase Cisco sales. By enabling our partners with relevant content, it ultimately enables the end customer.

Stay focused on success

We heard you and recognize that you’re tired of navigating numerous pages just to find what you’re looking for. Sometimes that extra time spent can be the difference between a renewal and a lost deal.
Ingram Micro wants its partners to be able to focus on growth and helping their customers.
Thanks to advanced analytics, the Ingram Micro team is able to provide partners with targeted search results. No more clicking through page after page. No more getting frustrated with unintuitive results.

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