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Reimagining the supply chain with Honeywell’s latest solutions for the warehouse and DC

November 17, 2022

Reimagining the supply chain with Honeywell’s latest solutions for the warehouse and DC
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With the challenges that today’s warehouses face come opportunities.
Businesses are dealing with unprecedented supply chain issues and a severe labor shortage, but new innovations for the distribution center are cutting downtime and optimizing worker performance and satisfaction.
Shelby Skrhak and Mark Dessommes, scanner sales manager at Honeywell, explore the latest technology that makes warehouse processes faster, safer and more accurate.
  • Increasing operational visibility and communication
  • Reimagining the supply chain with wearable tech
  • How rugged high-performance warehouse products help attract and retain workers

Productivity solutions

Honeywell has been leading the field in industrial products since helping to pioneer barcode technology in the 1970s. The company produces an array of agile products that improve workplace safety, communication and asset performance.
These innovations are even more crucial now as warehouses and distribution centers face a perfect storm of challenges.
Businesses looking to tighten their supply chain and get more visibility for their operators and managers are generating a growing demand for tools within tools that encourage more communication and collaboration. Honeywell delivers the software and gear companies need to stay competitive and strengthen their supply chain.

Optimizing workflows

Mark points out that 70% of warehouses will be utilizing wearable technology by 2023. From handheld mobile computers to customized scanners and voice-automated solutions, these ergonomic and intuitive devices vastly improve workflow and efficiency.
They’re also built to last. With worries of a recession on the rise, companies are not eager to throw money at tech that won’t last.
Honeywell’s impressive line of warehouse and distribution center products are extremely reliable and designed to be both comfortable and easy to use. “This is not your father’s wearable computer,” as Mark states—they’ve evolved far past the old-fashioned “brick on a stick.”
Their field research shows that wearable technology for the warehouse increases worker productivity by more than 6%.

Culture and recruitment

There’s going to be a need for 13 million warehouse and distribution workers by 2025, and 75% of those employees will be digitally savvy millennials who are searching for more than just competitive wages. They want a vibrant and rewarding company culture.
“Work-life balance” has been a popular catchphrase for some time. Honeywell’s line of industrial products minimizes employee fatigue and helps eliminate the repetitive tasks that make these types of jobs unappealing to today’s workforce.
Millennials expect to work with the latest technology no matter what industry they’re in. Honeywell, Ingram Micro and their partners are revolutionizing the warehouse space, enabling organizations to drastically increase productivity and keep their workers happier and safer than ever before. 
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