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Reimagined networking for your reimagined workplace

September 20, 2021

Reimagined networking for your reimagined workplace
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You’ve reimagined your workplace for a bold new tomorrow.

Have you reimagined your networking to support it?

Shelby Skrhak talks with two Senior Business Transformation Engineers from the Cisco Business Unit, Dan Stewart and Matthew White, about:

  • Office transformation pre-pandemic
  • Office transformation during the pandemic
  • Hybrid solutions for hybrid businesses


Before the pandemic, most of the discussions around transformation focused on office reconfiguration—tearing down cubicle walls and rebuilding the physical office to better align with new work paradigms.

Shared community spaces were built to inspire collaborative experiences and to break down existing silos in the way people worked.

The big question everyone encountered: how can technology support that transformation?

It was the start of the digital transformation. The start of looking into things like device mobility and the mobility of network connections.

During the pandemic

In many ways, the pandemic only accelerated the discussions that had already been taking place.

However, rather than focusing on transformation within an office environment, companies have been forced to expand the horizons of what a work environment looks like.

Hybrid work is the norm. Workers now have the ability to work from the office, the home, or anywhere that has internet connectivity.

In the office, flexible floor plans are now the focus. It’s about giving employees the ability to sit wherever they need to for the day.

That means that companies need either wireless networking or higher bandwidth capabilities to support it.

“When you're developing your networking, when you're developing your wireless connectivity, whatever it may be, you want to make sure that that extra bandwidth is there to support it,” Matthew says.

Hybrid solutions

The most important thing to consider about hybrid solutions is deciding what outcome you’re trying to achieve. That will inform the investments you make and the technology you bring on.

The primary piece for most businesses is figuring out wireless. You will need an effective wireless infrastructure in place to support your reimagined workplace.

That means considering things like wireless coverage and wireless density. It also means considering the performance of switches and taking advantage of SD-WAN.

The most important consideration, however, is security. Cisco SASE can help you move from “just cloud” to “secure cloud” by allowing you to build all the secure connectivity into your wireless infrastructure.

For more information, visit Cisco Virtual Learning.