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Refreshing Your Network for 2020

January 10, 2020

Refreshing Your Network for 2020
powered by Sounder

How often is it necessary to refresh a network?
Every three years? Every five years?
Try every time your organization has a significant need or security value to do so. That’s what senior director of business sales at D-Link, Matt Vaillancourt, advises.
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, Matt shares advice on:
  • Dealing with network updates and the budget limitations that tend to coincide
  • How to build a network compatible with advancing technology
  • Network tools to implement in 2020

Don’t wait on the calendar

It can be easy to schedule network refreshes for particular days on the calendar and forget about them until then.
Yet, technology—and the bad actors who abuse it—don’t wait for your calendar. Your approach to networking needs to be as versatile and scrappy as the rest of the world that surrounds it.
It’s up to your organization’s leadership to determine how valuable up-to-date security, speed and network solutions are to your company.
One way to ensure freshness and versatility in your network while still operating within your budget’s constraints is to avoid proprietary products and situations. A proprietary network means very limited flexibility in pricing options, refresh dates and communication between different products.
Plus, one company isn’t going to be able to predict every pivot your business will need to make in terms of network solutions. In other words, don’t put all your eggs in one proprietary basket.

Planning out future roads

Nowadays, there are more and more devices being added to your network. Can it support all the future components it will encounter?
IT pros should be mapping out the roads it will take to support all necessary elements.
“Networks are laden with potholes that in some cases can damage the cars.” - Matt Vaillancourt
Just like real roadways, sometimes your network needs to be resurfaced. Otherwise, the threats to your devices—and your entire network—will continue to pile up.

Refresh in 2020

Matt suggests looking into multiple tools to refresh your network in 2020 and to prepare for advancing technology.
  1. 10–40 GB networks
  2. More Power Over Ethernet (POE) integrations
  3. Root guards
  4. Creating a blacklist of people/devices that aren’t allowed on your network
  5. Disabling the admin login
Don’t wait until there’s an accident or attack on your network. Consider refreshing your network today.

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