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Redefining simplicity and giving customers the power of choice with Ric Halsaver

July 28, 2022

Redefining simplicity and giving customers the power of choice with Ric Halsaver
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Finding a solid data storage provider can feel like combing through a tangled ball of wires, making it challenging to uncover the value in each option.
What makes a data storage solution worthwhile across finances, logistics and longevity? Customers, as expected, look for simplicity and high performance. However, those perks may come with sacrifices.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Ric Halsaver, North America Flash, SDI and Red Hat storage channel sales leader at IBM, about:
  • IBM’s approach to providing value
  • Simplicity in data storage
  • Giving customers the power of choice

IBM’s approach to providing value

If you’re selling servers without selling storage because you don’t know what’s out there, Ric encourages you to explore data storage hardware and software to improve your customers' experiences.
Solution sellers must put themselves in the IT decision-maker's shoes—they’re required to purchase for present needs plus four to five years into the future.
“They have to worry about management and storage and things like availability and security. And, ‘gosh, we need to mirror and replicate. And what if we go to the cloud? What if we don't go to the cloud?’ It creates anxiety and uncertainty,” Ric explains.
These IT decision-makers are tasked with going to different providers and sorting through the vast network of tiers, offerings and whole pages of families within data storage hardware and software.
IBM aims to redefine simplicity without the headache of endless groupings.

Simplicity in data storage

By offering two main options, IBM decreases a sizable chunk of anxiety that comes with data storage selection.
“We offer customers a single hardware platform called Flash Systems and a single management platform called Spectrum Virtualize. And it doesn't matter what kind of drives these guys have or where the customer is,” Ric shares.
A customer could be using virtual or bare metal machines, containers, etc.—no matter the case, the management system would be consistent.
IBM provides simplicity without the sacrifices required by competitors. Some providers lean into data reduction at the cost of performance, with binding contracts and inflexible solutions.

Giving customers the power of choice

Technology is always shifting; that’s not news. Flexibility in hardware and software storage is no different.
Customers should have the power to choose when and why to upgrade their systems based on finances and unexpected nuances. Giving customers the power of choice means being transparent with your offerings and clear about what is and isn’t included.
“I urge you guys out there, sellers and architects: Pitch choice to the customer,” Ric says. “That’s what IBM gives you—no lock-ins. It gives the customer more flexibility.”
Positive outcomes abound when a customer knows exactly what they’re signing up for. Give them the power of choice and eliminate as much stress as possible.
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