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Realize Your SASE Vision with Security Service Edge and McAfee Enterprise

November 29, 2021

Realize Your SASE Vision with Security Service Edge and McAfee Enterprise
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Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) projects in the real world have failed to live up to the original vision of a complete network-to-security integrated package.
But according to Gartner, there’s a new approach that makes designing a roadmap towards effective cloud security much easier.
Shelby Skrhak talks with Brooke Noelke, senior architect and strategist - Global Channel Services Transformation at McAfee Enterprise/FireEye, about:

  • The difference between SASE and SD-WAN
  • What a distributed work environment means for secure web gateways
  • How MVISION Unified Cloud Edge addresses security service edge challenges


According to Brooke, the security aspects of projects that focus only on SD-WAN have gotten overlooked in most cases.
Gartner agrees. In fact, they’ve announced a new recommendation that SASE not be evaluated as one monolithic thing anymore, and instead, be separated into WAN aspects and security aspects.
The new designation for the security portion is Security Service Edge (SSE).
“It will be inclusive of the previous Gartner magic quadrants for CASB (cloud access security brokerage), secure web gateway, and it will also be inclusive of technologies that do things like private access or ZTNA (zero-trust network access), and DLP across these new networking and cloud environments,” Brooke says.

Secure web gateways

In a distributed work environment where cloud-based data is king, the traditional secure web gateway simply isn’t able to protect due to performance issues.
Now, there’s a new generation of secure web gateway solutions.
These cloud-based solutions enable you to:

  • See where users are going
  • Analyze some aspects of user behavior
  • Apply basic web-based DLP for unencrypted data and some types of encrypted data
  • Better control access to websites or cloud services
 “That’s a good place to start,” Brooke says. “You can get some good initial controls in place with cloud-based secure web gateways.”

MVISION Unified Cloud Edge

What a secure web gateway doesn’t allow you to do is see how your users are storing data and what sorts of data they’re putting into fields in AWS, Salesforce or any other SaaS applications.
“That is why Gartner is saying you really need a more complete security service edge vision that is bigger than just the secure web gateway and bigger than just a secure web gateway, plus a firewall ZTNA in the cloud,” Brooke says.
Plus, Gartner is recommending that the security portion of SASE be consumed as a single platform.
Enter MVISION Unified Cloud Edge—the first integrated security SASE solution.
“We've been doing development for some time toward this kind of vision,” Brooke says, “and we've been driving integration between our cloud security products and that secure web gateway.”
For more information, contact Tim Kuerzdoerfer.
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