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Ransomware attacks have risen 4,000 percent—what’s your cyber recovery solution?

August 12, 2020

Ransomware attacks have risen 4,000 percent—what’s your cyber recovery solution?
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4,000 percent. That’s the amount ransomware attacks have risen since the start of the pandemic.
Who’s at risk? Everyone—government agencies in particular.
Joining Keri on B2B Tech Talk is Brad Montgomery, the Sr. Manager of Federal Presales at Dell Technologies. In this episode, they discuss:
  • Reasons for the steep increase in ransomware attacks
  • The #1 insider cyberthreat organizations need to watch for
  • Critical components of a cyber recovery solution
  • How to implement a holistic cybersecurity strategy 
"One of the first things a bad actor who's using ransomware tools will do is target backup environments. The City of Atlanta is one example. The City of Boston is another." — Brad Montgomery

Increase in ransomware

You may be wondering why there’s been such a hike in the number of ransomware attacks. Brad lists a few contributing factors for the 4,000% increase:
  1. The shift to remote work has put a great amount of stress on IT teams.
  2. Cybercriminals are always creating newer and more sophisticated tools.
  3. Since the beginning of the pandemic, there’s been more motivation for bad actors to disrupt government agencies.
  4. There are a lot of misconceptions about what is required to safeguard an organization from a cyberattack.
Moreover, cybercriminals aren’t just vandalizing or stealing sensitive information — they’re destroying it.
The #1 channel bad actors are using to gain access to networks? Phishing emails sent to remote workers.

Cyber recovery solutions

Admittedly, it’s tough fending off cyberattacks right now. That’s why it’s so critical to have a plan in place should you ever need it.
Elements of a strong cyber recovery plan:
  1. Critical rebuild list with all of your organization’s vital data sources.
  2. Air gap cyber vault that’s a physically separate environment from your regular operations.
  3. Regularly scheduled updates to the recovery plan (monthly or even weekly).
These elements are especially important for government agencies with a limited cybersecurity budget.
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Plus, government agencies tend to have more endpoints than private companies, making them a vulnerable target.

Holistic cybersecurity

Brad urges organizations to look into more comprehensive cybersecurity approaches. In the end, a fortified information security plan will save your agency time, money and headaches.
Dell Technologies, Brad explains, is taking the future of tech and cybersecurity very seriously. Holistic security services are just one aspect of Dell’s commitment to the end user.
In addition to holistic cybersecurity, Brad sees solving security risks of the cloud and turnkey, pre-rack solutions playing big roles in the future of technology.
Find out more about Dell’s Cyber Recovery Solution. Partners can contact Glen Jefferies or Christopher Martin for more information.
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