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Providing excellent service with Ingram Micro and Cisco

November 02, 2022

Providing excellent service with Ingram Micro and Cisco
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Cisco is known for pioneering the early web and helping create the backbone of the internet, carving out a spot as a global tech leader through hardware. Today, they’re focused on providing top-tier software through innovation and acquisitions. 
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Christian Hansen, Software & Services business development manager at Cisco, alongside Kayla Zielezinski and Ariana Santiago, both solutions sales specialists at Ingram Micro. They discuss:
  • The history and evolution of Cisco
  • How Ingram Micro serves Cisco infrastructure
  • A snapshot of Ingram Micro partner resources 

The evolution of Cisco

 Not every tech company has the claims and credibility Cisco possesses. They’ve been here since the beginning and show no signs of slowing down.

“For us, it's really about our B2B customer outcomes,” Christian shares. “As our customers evolve their businesses with digital transformation—all the changes that have gone on and are going on—they need to meet different needs of their end customers.”
Cisco achieves that end goal through a multi-architecture approach and works with its vast partner organization to leverage Cisco’s broad technology portfolio. They keep an exhaustive list of priorities meant to keep them aiming high, including:
  • Full stack observability
  • Secure access service edge (SASE)
  • Hybrid work
 “Full stack observability enables our customers to deliver optimal application experiences with deep business context from both on-prem and in public clouds,” Christian explains. “Whereas SASE is about combining both networking and security functions into a single integrated service cloud offering with end-to-end observability.”

How Ingram Micro serves Cisco infrastructure

 Ingram Micro and Cisco are a dynamite team when it comes to delivering high-quality service. Ingram Micro’s team of SMEs goes full force into providing on-the-spot solutions, a listening ear and an eye for improvement.
“We can help at any point of the process,” Kayla explains. “We have a great team of pre-sales tech support members and technical account managers.”
All team members specialize in different architectures and are subject matter experts when building configurations. They make it a point to understand partner and end-user needs while ensuring that what they're building is accurate to those requirements.
“There is a whole team within Ingram Micro for Cisco software, specifically,” Kayla continues.

A snapshot of Ingram Micro resources

 Ingram Micro resources don’t stop at SMEs—pre-sales tech solutions are another offering designed to make partners' lives simpler. 
“They help build out configurations for the customer based on their needs, and then they will create an estimate for them,” Ariana explains. “The partner will turn that into a deal ID which sends it to the Cisco software team, and then we quote it.”
Alongside pre-sales solutions, partners can access Cisco virtual learning material, hosted monthly or quarterly, depending on the subject. 
“They're webinars for our resellers on topics that have been pain points for them, such as how to do renewals or true forwards. We also record these so that the resellers can go back and listen,” Ariana continues.
Partners' can lean on Ingram Micro for any enablement or understanding they may need and move forward in confidence.
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