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Protecting servers with a zero trust mindset

June 10, 2022

Protecting servers with a zero trust mindset
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Locking your front door is an appropriate measure of security to keep people out. But what if they’re already in the house?
Cyber resiliency recognizes that it’s a dangerous world. When keeping servers safe is a top priority, you need to come at the problem from every angle.
To do this, you have to have a zero trust mindset.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with George Warren, Channel Marketing for Microsoft Server Attach at Dell, about:

  • The difference between cybersecurity and resilience
  • Zero trust and how Dell is securing servers against attacks
  • How a reseller or Ingram Micro partner becomes a trusted adviser

The difference between cybersecurity and resilience

Server security is a number one concern for a lot of decision makers—leading to a lot of conversation on how to manage it. But paired with the term cyber resiliency, the difference between the two can become a bit ambiguous.
Though closely related, George describes resiliency as a grouping of security:
“I think of cybersecurity as an event or something that we do. Cyber resilience is more of an aggregation of all these events.”
Think of it as locking your front door and back door, having motion sensor lighting and surveillance cameras around your home—a total package of security.
It's the same kind of bundling Dell customers have come to expect with their product: a safe and secure server.

Zero trust and how Dell is securing servers against attacks

Most people take proper precautions to lock their doors to protect from outside threats,  but what if the threat is already inside?
This is the kind of question that comes from a zero trust mindset and why the security measures of today are so robust.
A collaborative effort
Using multiple partnerships, Dell has kept PowerEdge servers secure—starting from the design of the server to device retirement. How then, as a reseller, would they go about rationalizing this baked-in security approach?
It’s about reminding customers just how dangerous the world can be.

How a reseller or Ingram Micro partner becomes a trusted adviser

There is a great opportunity to create a career in technology right now, and it all comes from having insider knowledge about cyber resiliency—something most customers will know very little about.
George gives the example of a superintendent who, all of a sudden, has to deal with spies from enemy nations trying to shut down their school district. The superintendent, understandably, has no idea how to deal with the situation.
This is how a reseller becomes a trusted adviser: delivering solutions to those problems in a way that a regular salesperson never could.
“When you have an opportunity to tee up that conversation, take it, and then become that trusted adviser,” George says.
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