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Prioritizing safety and revolutionizing video-assisted collaboration with Sanjay Jhawar

September 08, 2022

Prioritizing safety and revolutionizing video-assisted collaboration with Sanjay Jhawar
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The goal of video-assisted gear—such as virtual reality or video conferences—is often immersion. However, in environments where virtual collaboration coincides with high-risk tasks, workers require a new solution.
With the RealWear Navigator headset device, you can have the best of both worlds and reach new heights of productive long-distance collaboration.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Sanjay Jhawar, co-founder and chief strategy officer for RealWear Inc, about:
  • Explaining the RealWear headset design
  • RealWear use cases across remote work
  • Partnering with RealWear

Explaining the RealWear headset design

As the leader in a sub-categorization of the broader augmented reality space—enterprise-assisted reality—RealWear is set to add high-impact value to virtual collaboration workflows.
Assisted reality is a style of augmented reality focused on rugged industrial enterprises and major industrial companies on a global basis where health and safety are important considerations for users.
The RealWear Navigator is built to cover one eye and is compatible with hard hats of multiple styles and sizes.
“It allows you to have most of your vision unobstructed,” Sanjay explains, “That's very important for health and safety in industrial environments, where you don't want to have your vision blocked to the point where there's a safety hazard, such as a forklift truck or a steam valve in a factory.”

RealWear use cases across remote work

A chief advantage of this device is the camera placement. With the camera attached to a headset, the device allows a remote person or a technical support specialist for a technician to remotely see the field of view.
“The analogy is that you want a heads-up display, but it doesn't block your field of view. It's right there underneath your field of view, and you have lots of adjustments, and many ways to set it up so that it’s optimally fitted.” Sanjay shares.
Use cases for the RealWear Navigator span from mechanics to factories to electrical engineering. The RealWear Navigator was recently adopted by Ford dealerships nationwide, and they have seen immediate improvements in timelines, collaboration and training.

Partnering with RealWear

RealWear is on a mission to provide subject matter expert-level care to its adopters and partners. They help their partners and resellers create solutions through troubleshooting and training with advanced replacement devices.
“In many cases, resellers are involved in training and cutting, and our team is available to train resellers.” Sanjay explains, “We have many successful examples where a reseller introduced a customer, and we were able to help that reseller expand the use cases in that customer.”
With a matured solution, countless customer references and multiple proven business cases, it’s a great time to partner with RealWear, Inc.
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