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Prevent cyberattacks with RBVM

April 15, 2020

Prevent cyberattacks with RBVM
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Is your company digging out old computers to make sure all remote workers have one? Those machines probably haven’t been updated in a long time, leaving vulnerabilities for attackers to take advantage of.
How do you make sure your employees are operating in a secure environment?
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, Keri speaks with Ingram Micro Tech Consultant Jacob White about implementing risk-based vulnerability management (RBVM).

The two discuss:

  • How to prioritize the urgency of security threats
  • The most common types of cybersecurity threats
  • How Tenable helps organizations scan for vulnerabilities and address threats
"RBVM tools and policies are designed to help organizations figure out the biggest issues that attackers might use to gain access via a machine." — Jacob White

Prioritizing security threats

When a machine hasn’t been in operation for a long period of time, it’s certainly not up to date on software. This leaves vulnerabilities open for attackers to take advantage of, potentially allowing them onto your network.
That’s where risk-based vulnerability management (RBVM) needs to be taken seriously.
RBVM helps security professionals prioritize the levels of threats on a machine. The more urgent threats will obviously need to be taken care of sooner.

Most common types of cyberattack

According to Verizon’s latest Data Breach Investigations Report, the most common kinds of cyberattack happen via: 
  1. Phishing attacks
  2. Stolen corporate credentials
  3. Back doors
  4. Command and control services
So, how does one go about prioritizing these cyber exposures?
Tenable is an RBVM platform Jacob recommends for scanning your digital environment and detecting vulnerabilities. It also prioritizes the potential threats based on how likely an attacker is to use them to gain access to your network.
Plus, any size organization can use Tenable. It works for SMBs and is exceptionally scalable for growing companies.

Find out more by visiting Tenable.
Connect with Jacob via LinkedIn or email him at jacob.white@ingrammicro.com