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Powering and protecting your IT infrastructure with CyberPower

January 06, 2022

Powering and protecting your IT infrastructure with CyberPower
powered by Sounder

Nearly everything related to IT requires power to run, which is why it’s critical that your gear is protected and backed up to limit downtime and keep your business on track.
In a special As the Gears Turn edition, Devaughn Bittle and Patrick Cash talk with Thomas See, senior channel sales manager at CyberPower, about:

  • How CyberPower is different from other companies in the UPS market
  • Things people might not know about the company and its products
  • Monitoring capabilities of CyberPower products
  • The Channel Partner Alliance program


CyberPower differentiates itself from other companies in the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) market in a multitude of ways:
  • Strictly a power manufacturer so expertise runs deep
  • No outsourced labor; everything is manufactured by CyberPower employees
  • Strictly channel-focused since 1997
  • MAP pricing, which makes it profitable for partners to sell their products
  • Support is U.S.-based as well

Other CyberPower features

CyberPower takes pride in its ability to help buyers differentiate themselves when it comes to government opportunities related to RFQs.
“We’re able to jump in there and assist in helping the reseller not only offer a great product at a lower price, but differentiate themselves from customers that maybe are bidding the exact same products,” Thomas says.
The company also offers support to alliance partners. That includes a dedicated account manager, a sales engineer and a best-in-class website.
The company receives 70% of its revenue from UPS, but it also offers a lesser-known private label search product.
“It allows us to carry that over into the channel with our branded product and offer a variety of search products that are branded and available through Ingram Micro,” Thomas says.

Monitoring capabilities

CyberPower maintains certain advantages over competitors specifically as it pertains to monitoring capabilities:
  • New cloud power panel software
  • The ability to organize local site locations
  • An app that enables customers to organize based on different locations
  • Because it’s app-based, it can be monitored on the road or via a web browser

Channel Partner Alliance program

CyberPower’s partner program has been recognized by CRN with a five-star program award over the past three years.
The program grants many benefits to partners:
  • No obligations other than adhering to MAP pricing
  • 5% discount on all CyberPower products that Ingram Micro sells
  • Lower prices in general because of true manufacturing
  • A dedicated account manager and sales engineer
  • A 3% discount that is stackable on top of the 5%
  • Bid-pricing opportunities over $2,500
  • Free shipping over $10,000
  • Demo program
  • Perks reward program
 “If we have something that’s close and makes sense for us and our partners, we just do it,” Thomas says. “We make it happen day in and day out.”
For more information, reach out to Thomas or your Ingram Micro representative.
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