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Power of 2: How to Harness AI with Lenovo and NVIDIA

November 03, 2021

Power of 2: How to Harness AI with Lenovo and NVIDIA
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With virtualization 20 years ago, you relied on virtualization companies to help you start the journey. When cloud computing came about 10 years ago, there were cloud providers that showed you the way.

Now, as the era of AI is upon us, you’ll need AI providers to help you down that path.

Shelby Skrhak speaks with Ed Soohoo, Innovation and Transformation Executive at Lenovo, and Jared Carl, Senior Enterprise Partner Solutions Lead at NVIDIA, about:

  • Why NVIDIA and Lenovo teamed up for the Power of 2 campaign
  • How to think about AI
  • What’s possible with the power of AI

Power of 2

Most people know about NVIDIA’s background in computer graphics.

In the last 10 years, the company has learned that accelerating graphics is very similar to accelerating HPC workloads, and when HPC workloads become democratized, they become AI workloads.

The reality is that AI workloads are only possible with the power of NVIDIA technology.

“But we can’t do that alone,” Jared says. “We need an OEM with the strength of Lenovo to be able to deliver that message and actually help customers on their AI journey.”

Thus, the Power of 2 was born—the brain power and global, enterprise-class system of Lenovo alongside the world-class computing resources and support of NVIDIA.


According to Ed, AI is more of a behind-the-scenes player.

“AI should be so transparent that I never really have to think about it,” he says.

Another analogy for how AI works involves the Rubik’s cube. Like the popular brain-puzzler, AI is all about twisting and trying to find patterns very quickly. There’s a methodology to it.

“It’s almost like cracking a safe or vault,” Ed says. “To me, AI is all about unlocking and really finding the methodology to really help address business issues.”

The work of AI requires immense programming. Three personas are involved in the process:

  • Data scientists that manipulate the data
  • Infrastructure teams that build the infrastructure that supports it
  • Business units that have the experience to understand what’s going on with the data

What’s possible with AI?

Businesses have run on if/then statements for a long time. If we do A, then B will happen.

With AI, you can throw together 100 different ifs and thens, and let AI make sense of what the best option is.

“Every company is being asked, ‘what is your AI solution,’” Jared says. “The ones without an AI vision are the ones that are going to fail.”

Lenovo and NVIDIA together can help businesses take full advantage of the vast benefits of AI.

For more information, contact the Lenovo ISG team at shelly.obrien@ingrammicro.com.

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