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Episode 4 | 4 reasons the IT Industry is shifting to managed service license agreements (MSLA)

Paul Sibick and Jan Engelbrecht from Ingram Micro and Cisco explain

August 16, 2019

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We all can see that technology is constantly changing.
Hardware and software alike are continually morphing to better serve enterprises and the individual.
It only makes sense that pricing models adjust to this ever-evolving environment.
Paul Sibick, channel account specialist at Ingram Micro for Cisco Security, and Jan Engelbrecht, director of strategy and planning at the offer monetization office for Cisco, sit down to answer all our questions on MSLA.
  • Enterprises don’t want to be their own IT shops
  • Clients want to be more flexible
  • Enterprises want to be quick to go to market
  • Cost should be transparent

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