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People view your messaging 3x longer on digital displays

September 16, 2020

People view your messaging 3x longer on digital displays
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With messaging that changes seemingly by the hour, digital displays can help you keep up.
To keep your messaging for customers and employees current, just jump online and update your sign. That’s it.
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, Keri Roberts talks with iced tea enthusiast Mike Stachura, Senior Distribution Sales Manager at LG Electronics, about creative ways digital displays are keeping us safe and healthy.

Listen in on the discussion about…

  • Seamlessly updating your store hours
  • Digital displays offering health protocol solutions
  • Technical specs for indoor and outdoor use
Oh, and your “dwell time” (how long people look) for digital messaging is 3x longer than traditional signage.
And it’s way, way longer than a note scribbled on printer paper taped to your front door.
Content is king... making sure that you have that right message to your right people.” — Mike Stachura

Health safety protocols

The 8.5x11" paper taped to the window says only 6 people at a time can be in the lobby.
That makes you wonder...
  • How many folks are in there now?
  • Is it safe for me to enter or not?
Organizations have to be able to communicate their reopening procedures clearly… not just for the customer experience but for public health and safety.
Digital signs nowadays are especially useful to relay information to customers and employees.
- Current store hours
- Current occupancy
- Date for next policy update
- Safety requirements prior to entry
Anything that started with the word “digital” used to belong exclusively to IT, but content on digital displays is actually being dictated by HR. HR is specifying what technology is needed to reopen and to keep employees and the public safe.
Digital displays for corporate culture are far more effective than printed notices. For one thing, a digital sign has 3x longer dwell time than something tacked to a cork board. For another, digital signage can provide rotating messaging with images to grab the viewer and effectively share information.

Digital display automation

Larger retailers with digital displays can link people counters to the sign. For example, any time a person enters or exits the store, a digital display automatically updates with a people count to show current occupancy.
Digital displays can also be fitted with automatic temperature scanners in kiosks. If a camera registers an individual with a surface temperature of 103°F, the digital sign can ask them to step aside and wait for assistance.
Imagine widespread preventative automation like this in healthcare centers, workplaces, government facilities or schools.

Where is technology going within the next year?

“More and more and more automation is going to happen,” Mike said. He named people counting and people tracking as the technology of the future.
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