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Panduit Ventures: Upgrading Fiber Backbone in an Ever-Changing World

November 13, 2020

Panduit Ventures: Upgrading Fiber Backbone in an Ever-Changing World
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Data and networking will always come back to fiber optics and fiber optics backbone.
Because your business process depends on a fiber backbone, it is critical that backbone developments occur with minimal disruption to your business.
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, Keri Roberts catches up with Tom Kovanic, Business Development Manager with Panduit Ventures, to discuss:
  • The functionality of a single mode fiber vs. a multimode fiber.
  • Why Panduit’s OneMode is the best fiber optics solution for the modern world.
  • Exciting developments in technology and where tech is headed.

Single mode vs. multimode fiber

Your business process depends on a fiber backbone. Upgrading fiber backbones typically involves tearing out multimode fibers and replacing them with single mode fibers. The problem with that is, if you pull out the fiber, all technological processes stop until it’s fixed. It’s an expensive and time-consuming business disruption.
Traditionally, businesses operate with a single mode fiber or multimode fiber. With a single mode fiber, there’s only one path the laser takes down the fiber. With multimode fiber, there may be nine lanes and nine different runners, all going at the same speed but taking different paths so they arrive at their destination at different times. So instead of one pulse, the pulse gets dispersed and makes it more difficult for the receiver at the far end to determine what’s a 1 and what’s a 0.

OneMode: A Better Solution

Panduit Ventures has come up with a better solution, known as OneMode. OneMode treats multimode fiber as a single mode fiber, using the fundamental mode in the multimode fiber to send the pulse. Even if there are nine lanes that crisscross, OneMode only sends out one runner that goes right down the multimode fiber. Thus, dispersion is eliminated and disruption to the business mitigated.
This passive device is installed only once, does not require maintenance and extends the life of the multimode structure itself another 20 years. It’s also faster, easier and more cost effective.

Where technology is going

Panduit Ventures explores opportunities outside of the typical BUs found in technology and focuses on technology research and development.
One opportunity they’re excited about: developments in sensors used on fingertips on prosthetic hands. Historically with prosthetic hands the problem has been controlling the amount of force used to hold an object; but these sensors can provide feedback on how much pressure is being applied to it.
Whether it’s developing fiber optic solutions or having their finger on the pulse of the industry, Panduit remains a trusted advisor who works with customers to address their most critical business challenges and deliver comprehensive solutions.