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Optimizing customer experience with Zendesk

April 06, 2022

Optimizing customer experience with Zendesk
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Customer experience optimization is one of the fastest growing segments in the channel.
What’s the catalyst for this growth and how can partners capitalize on it?
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Aaron Moroson, head of WW Distribution at Zendesk, and Don Scott, director of the Emerging Business Group at Ingram Micro, about:
  • A shift in focus for Zendesk
  • What customer experience entails
  • Zendesk’s customer experience products


Launched over 10 years ago, Zendesk started out as a small Danish company and has grown into a $1.5 billion global enterprise serving over 200,000 customers.
The company began with a simple goal: to make the world a better place by reinventing customer service via the help desk.
“We offer customer service software that empowers teams to deliver world-class customer service, and do so faster,” Aaron says.

Customer experience

Recently, the company has begun an evolution away from customer service and toward customer experience.
“Customer service leaders use technology to create better experiences,” Aaron explains, “not just offer a service.”
They create better experiences by:
  • Personalizing every touchpoint with relevant customer data
  • Meeting customers on the channel of their choice
  • Empowering employees who serve customers with fully integrated tools
  • Adapting to changing customer expectations quickly and effectively
 Companies all over the world are making this switch from customer service to customer experience. Many realize that customer experience informs every aspect of their business.
After all, businesses don’t exist without some sort of customer, even if that is an internal associate.

Zendesk customer experience offerings

Zendesk offers a range of products to meet specific customer needs:
  • Support: Integrated customer support product
  • Chat and Talk: Products geared toward the channel
  • Guide and Gather: Self-service and community products
  • Explore: Analytics products
  • Sunshine: A flexible, customizable platform that connects all of your data
 Zendesk’s solutions are what set them apart, however. It’s how they offer them. Zendesk can help customers get products up and running in a flash.
In fact, there was a Forrester study that found that 90% of customers were able to deploy in eight weeks or less. For partners, that means deployment isn’t a heavy lift. It also means there’s more volume for those deployments.
Plus, Zendesk offers best-in-class ROI. Because customers get set up so quickly, they are able to see a speedy return on investment.
One final benefit that Zendesk brings to the table: enterprise grade reliability.
“No matter the scale of your operations or your data management security requirements, we make sure that it’s covered,” Aaron says.
As a customer of Zendesk, Ingram Micro was impressed with the tremendous value  their products provide.
“We saw the value of what Zendesk was able to do in terms of streamlining processes and helping our associates be more effective and efficient, and happier as a result,” Don says. “We obviously want to bring our partners that same opportunity.”
Contact the Emerging Business Group or visit Zendesk for more information.
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