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Operationalizing cybersecurity preparedness with Towerwall

April 29, 2022

Operationalizing cybersecurity preparedness with Towerwall
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The only constant in cybersecurity is change. With new threats emerging all the time, Towerwall can help you stay ahead of the game.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Towerwall Founder and CEO Michelle Drolet, and Sales Account Executive Nate MacDonald, as well as Aaron Lehman, manager of Vendor Programs for Ingram Micro Flexible Payment Solutions, about:
  • Operationalizing information security
  • How Towerwall helps clients
  • Ingram Micro’s Flexible Payment Solutions

Operationalizing information security

One essential approach to cybersecurity involves operationalizing information security. Michelle breaks that down into the four E’s:
  • Evaluation - Conducting risk assessments and penetration and vulnerability testing, and identifying regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Established - Building out repeatable processes, including information security, disaster recovery and business continuity plans, and operationalizing tabletop exercises
  • Education - Improving user awareness so that employees understand cybersecurity risks
  • Enforcement - Bringing in the technology piece to help operationalize information security


Towerwall is a Massachusetts-based cybersecurity company founded in 1999.
Towerwall helps clients who are struggling to make sense of either the vendor, threat, compliance or cybersecurity insurance landscapes, or who need help making sense of their own environment.
“We use people, process and technology as a blueprint to allow them to make sense of those different landscapes,” Nate says.
Towerwall employs a number of different solutions to help solve those problems, keeping in mind that clients need:
  • Repeatable processes just in case of turnover in IT
  • Documentation
  • Education opportunities
  • A view into their current exposure risk

Flexible Payment Solutions (FPS)

Ingram Micro’s FPS team is on a mission to help reseller partners offer payment solutions to their customers.
“In other words, allowing customers to buy something now, but pay for it over time,” Aaron says.
The difference-maker: Ingram Micro takes the time to truly understand the needs, long-term goals, go-to-market strategies and sales processes of individual partners.
That results in tailor-made finance programs that can enable enhanced success for partners.
Some things the FPS team can do include:
  • Enhance cash flow
  • Help partners grow MRR
  • Decrease DSO
  • Create brand differentiation
  • Create stronger relationships between vendors, customers and partners
 “Walking alongside Ingram with these finance options really helps us help our customers,” Michelle says. “And then we can help that SMB, midsize organization or even enterprise be a little bit stronger.”
The customer gets the best of both worlds: a stalwart cybersecurity service that helps them mitigate immediate areas of risk and the ability to pay for that service over time rather than all at once.
Making an investment in cybersecurity is critical.
“If you’re firefighting, you’re never going to win,” Michelle says, “and that’s why you have to take time and build out the programs, processes and education.”
Contact Michelle Drolet or visit Towerwall for more information.
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