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Opening new revenue streams with VMware Cloud Director service

September 24, 2021

Opening new revenue streams with VMware Cloud Director service
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Cloud providers are always looking to expand their revenue, grow their margin and differentiate their portfolios. The key to that is expanding their offerings.
With Cloud Director service, VMware provides a quick, low-cost way to do just that.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Guy Bartram, director of Product Marketing for VMware Cloud Service Business Unit, about:
  • Cloud Director service
  • Opening new revenue streams
  • Solving challenges for SMBs
  • Additional benefits

Cloud Director service

Cloud Director service is the next step in the evolution of Cloud Director.
Cloud Director, which celebrated its 10th anniversary last year, is a multitenancy public cloud application and infrastructure delivery mechanism.
“It’s very popular with service providers because it allows them to provide public cloud services and gain real economies of scale on their infrastructure,” Guy says.
Simply put, Cloud Director service is Cloud Director running as a service on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
It gives you the infrastructure of VMware Cloud on AWS with the added benefits of Cloud Director on top.
“It’s a lot quicker to get to market and quicker for you to deliver services on,” Guy says.

Opening new revenue streams

A major benefit of Cloud Director service is that it removes the reliance on a host-based model with VMware Cloud on AWS. Hosts tend to be fairly expensive, so that removes a substantial cost from the equation.
It includes the same multitenancy capabilities of Cloud Director, which means multiple customers can run securely on the same piece of hardware.
“Rather than having to isolate each customer at the physical host level, you can do it at the VM level,” Guy says.
That means the pool of potential customers expands considerably.

SMB challenges

  • Cost - Cloud Director service gives them the opportunity to start small and grow and shrink as needed.
  • Flexibility - It can help SMBs ramp up or ramp down resources for the workload requirements without having to buy a whole new host.
  • Delivery speed - It delivers self-service using the same underlying VMware infrastructure which provides a huge advantage with speed to market.

Other benefits

To provision new virtual data center resources under normal circumstances, you would need to spin up additional resources, oftentimes in different regions.
According to Guy, “You would need to set up an agreement to procure hosts in that region, then configure the resources, configure the access to resources, and you’d be jumping from one UI to another.”
With Cloud Director service, you’ve got a unified view under a single pane of glass.
In addition, having a common service delivery framework and operational model benefits larger customers.
“You're really driving consumption of your platform,” Guy says, “but you’re also giving your customer the tools to fulfill their business, which is critical.”
For more information, contact the Ingram Micro VCPP team (vcpp@ingrammicro.com) or visit VMware Cloud Director service.