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NVMe: High-speed storage media that offers next-level performance

July 08, 2021

NVMe: High-speed storage media that offers next-level performance
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If you’re looking for increased speed and performance, look no further than the next step in the evolution of SSD—NVMe.
Travis King speaks with Nicholas Mauro, Sr. Manager of Product Marketing at Samsung Electronics America, about:
  • The biggest misconceptions about high-speed storage media
  • What NVMe is and how it benefits users
  • The increased demand for NVMe

High-speed storage media misconceptions

The world of high-speed storage media can be really intimidating. The products are often viewed as complicated to install, expensive and highly technical.
However, many of these products have evolved to truly become plug and play. Moreover, with improved production, prices have decreased significantly in recent years.


NVMe is a type of high-speed storage media. NVMe stands for non-volatile memory express.
Think of it as the second phase in the evolution of SSD after SATA. Compared to SATA, which can offer speeds of up to 600 Mbps, NVMe offers speeds of up to 3500 Mbps, nearly six times as fast.


NVMe boasts four major advantages over older status technologies:
  • Speed
  • Performance
  • Efficiency
  • Multitasking
These benefits have a lot to do with the way the actual NVMe connects physically to the computer and how it flows into the bus lanes of the motherboard.
Now that costs are a fraction of what they were before, users are able to enjoy these improvements without breaking the bank.

NVMe models

Samsung offers four models of NVMe:
  • Entry-level 980
  • 970 EVO Plus
  • 970 Pro
  • Gen-4 980 Pro
All models benefit users who are in need of increased storage and speed. That includes gamers and film editors—anyone who deals with large raw data files on a consistent basis.

Increased NVMe demand

Recently, there’s been an increase in adoption and demand for NVMe.
It’s not just because costs have gone down. It's also because technology continues to grow, improve and become more robust.
Take gaming for example. Games have grown larger so devices need to be capable of storing larger files.
It's a result of the technological revolution we're living through. Technology is becoming more powerful, faster and more advanced. Technological progress is accelerating exponentially. NVMe represents the pinnacle of that evolution for SSD.
To learn more, contact Nick Nanez (nick.nanez@ingrammicro.com) or visit Samsung.