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Next-generation storage solutions

August 06, 2021

Next-generation storage solutions
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2.5 quintillion bytes of new data are created every single day—and that number continues to grow.
The next logical question: how do you manage it? After all, it has to be stored somewhere.
In part three of our three-part series on Data Center Delta Force, Logan Lyles speaks with Cheryl Rang, Director - Advanced Solutions, and Mark Miller, Technology Consultant - Data Center Delta Force, about:
  • Why storage solutions are a high priority right now
  • Considerations before entering this area
  • Strategies to identify the right opportunities in your customer base
  • How Data Center Delta Force can help

High priority

Technology has had a massive impact on the way we store data.
For example, podcasts, streaming services, VR/AR, and the move from 4K to 8K video all are producing larger amounts of data leading to the need for better storage solutions to manage it.
In fact, the data storage market will grow into more than $55 billion in revenue over the next 5 years.
Consumers want their data and they want it fast.
So, we have to look to next-generation storage solutions that are flexible and scalable across services enabling businesses to operate faster, more reliably and more efficiently, while still being cost-effective.


This desire for next-generation storage solutions can be both an opportunity and a pitfall. The easy trap to fall into would be to just sell more and more storage/capacity.
However, according to Mark, “helping clients understand how to put their data to work for them in an efficient and effective manner is exactly what next-generation storage solutions are all about.”
The best approach: have a deeper conversation with your client. Learn more about their goals and pain points so that you can uncover what their implementation needs are.
This may mean that sales reps will need a deeper understanding of the underlying technology in order to facilitate this.

Identifying opportunities

It all starts with the pre-sales assessment. Ask your customer questions like:
  • What are your capacity needs?
  • What project do you want to implement?
  • Are you aware of the regulatory requirements applicable to your data strategy?

Data Center Delta Force

The team, composed of SMEs supporting a wide variety of vendors in the storage solutions space, is just a phone call away. They’re available to help you navigate all the different solutions and help you understand where and when to leverage these new technologies.
They can also provide training, product positioning and opportunity identification guidance.
For more information, visit Ingram Micro’s Data Center page or contact Data Center Delta Force (data-center@ingrammicro.com).