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New trends in the scholastic gaming market

May 26, 2021

New trends in the scholastic gaming market
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Since the beginning of the pandemic, the gaming industry has seen a huge surge in popularity reaching nearly 3 billion players. Now, the industry has its sights set on the scholastic market.
In this episode, Travis King speaks with Mike Stachura, National Account Manager, and Aaron Addison, Eastern Regional Manager, both from LG, about:
  • The rise of the gaming market
  • Diversity and inclusion in gaming
  • The genesis of Battle Academy
  • LG gear for gamers

The rise of the gaming market

A year ago, LG decided to partner with the Ultimate Gaming Championship (UGC) because of their online technology and their access to professional gamers. It turned out to be a perfect match as UGC had been looking for a way to enter the scholastic market.
“Because of UGC’s online tech and our ability to bring some of our partners together, we were able to create tournaments,” says Aaron, “places for these kids to play on a professional scale.”
And the popularity of gaming around the world has continued to grow.
What has caused this growth?
“It’s the pandemic that really fast forwarded the acceptance of gaming and esports,” says Aaron.

Diversity and inclusion in gaming

Gaming has generally been a male-dominated activity. But that’s changing. There are more and more female gamers entering the fray all the way up to the professional level.
Also, because the gaming industry is global, players connect with people all over the world simultaneously and encounter different cultures and customs.
“I think it really broadens and opens up a lot of eyes to different places you may not experience inside your hometown,” says Mike.

The genesis of Battle Academy

Battle Academy was dreamt up by Aaron and the CEO of UGC.
“We were trying to find a way to get things from a physical place to a virtual place and create a space for these scholastic teams to play to earn scholarship money in a competitive environment,” Aaron says.
So they lined up sponsors including Microsoft, Intel and Logitech, and built a platform to bring scholastic teams into the professional gaming world complete with broadcasters and influencers. And there’s no cost for the schools and students involved.
The popularity of this tournament has grown dramatically. Broadcasts on Twitch have reached around 500,000 views.

LG gear for gamers

  • The UltraGear Series - Monitors purposely built for gamers that provide low latency and lower response rate
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