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New server solutions and workloads in 2021

April 27, 2021

New server solutions and workloads in 2021
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Due to remote work and extensive data ecosystems, data is created all over the place. We’re asking a lot of our servers these days. How are they meeting the challenge?
In this episode, Travis King talks with Ryan Leyden, Product Specialist at Dell EMC, and Alex Holler, Solutions Sales Executive - Dell ISG, about:

  • Where the data is coming from in most organizations
  • How PowerEdge supports customers with data created in less than ideal situations
  • New workloads creating new opportunities for support from server providers
  • How Ingram Micro partners with Dell to support customers

Centralizing data

As individual departments modernize and satiate demand from their companies to provide digital experiences, data is being created and stored all over the place. Often, there’s not one centralized resource where an organization can manage that data.
Dell is helping everyone break down those data silos by centralizing the data so organizations can effectively draw business insights from it.
How? By helping customers digitally transform workloads into a server and storage solution that can be managed under a single pane of glass with whatever software the customer wants.

PowerEdge server solutions

One example: the PowerEdge Portfolio.
PowerEdge servers can help customers in scenarios where data is created in less than ideal situations.
Take a manufacturing floor. Say you have sensors distributed throughout and they locate a bottleneck in some sort of widget that’s being created. You want to be able to harness the data to draw conclusions, but it also has to be in real time to successfully avoid bottlenecks in production.
“What advanced technology can basically do is add a server-class hardware accelerator right on that manufacturing floor where traditionally that data might have been waiting to hop up to a cloud and then back down,” says Ryan.
PowerEdge servers allow you to position that processing horsepower where the data is being created rather than having to send the data offsite.

New workloads

A big topic in the field is artificial intelligence. Some manufacturers are trying to create machines that can make decisions like a human, and that takes heavy computational power.
To accomplish this, there’s an increased demand for graphic accelerators. They’re necessary because it’s difficult to map out computational processing like a human brain without a heightened level of acceleration.
That along with the storage and memory capacity required to make it effective means it requires a ton of power delivered to your servers.


“Ingram offers an unmatched white glove approach to our customers with our Dell Technologies dedicated sales and our dedicated technical resources,” says Alex.
Ingram offers flexible payment solutions, insights that drive operational excellence and incentives to keep your sellers motivated.
To learn more about Dell’s PowerEdge servers, email Ingram Micro’s Dell team (DellEMC-ISG@ingrammicro.com) or visit Dell’s PowerEdge Portfolio.