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Multi-Cloud Solutions: An Exciting Future for Cloud Providers

October 29, 2021

Multi-Cloud Solutions: An Exciting Future for Cloud Providers
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According to Raghu Raghuram, the CEO of VMware, multi-cloud is the digital business model of the future.

What does that mean for cloud providers and their customers?

Shelby Skrhak chats with Ray Gonsalves, Director of Americas Cloud Provider MSP Sales at VMware, about:

  • The three phases of VMware’s evolution
  • What multi-cloud means for cloud providers and their customers
  • Big announcements from VMworld 2021

VMware’s evolution

Since VMware’s launch in 1998, the company has gone through three different phases, according to Ray.

  • Virtualization leader - Focused on server reduction, power consumption and efficiency
  • Private cloud leader - Focused on the software-defined data center and taking the technology beyond virtualization of servers by adding a management layer
  • Multi-cloud leader - Focused on being agnostic from a cloud standpoint around infrastructure


As entire industries reinvent themselves around multi-cloud, it’s no longer about having a cloud-first approach, it’s about being cloud smart.

So, what does that mean for customers?

“Customers are looking for more efficient ways to deploy applications,” Ray says, “but meanwhile, there’s this legacy IT piece that they have, and so, you can’t just jump into this new world.”

A more strategic approach is needed. Ray recommends assessing what you have today, and coming to an understanding about where you’re going to take each of your applications.

It will be different for each application. You might choose to:

  • Retain the application
  • Replatform the application
  • Refactor the application
  • Rewrite the application
  • Retire the application

“They need to look at those different states of the application that the end user has and ensure that they have solutions that are aligned to where those applications are going,” Ray says.

VMworld 2021 Announcements

In the IT industry, it used to be that you could only have one of these two options: freedom or control.

The overarching message out of VMworld 2021 is now you can have both—the freedom for developers to use the tools of their choice and the controls necessary for operations to run those applications with consistent performance and security.

Sovereign cloud

For cloud providers, the big announcement was the sovereign cloud initiative.

There’s been an uptick in demand for sovereign cloud providers in the marketplace.

“This is an area that hyperscalers, by definition, cannot fill,” Ray says.

VMware announced that cloud providers can now qualify for a designation as a sovereign cloud provider. All it will require is self-certification saying that you meet the criteria provided by VMware.

“That’s going to be really important going forward,” Ray says. “That’s going to be table stakes in a lot of cases.”

For more information, visit the VMware Cloud Provider Blog.

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