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More time and less friction: Partner Go for Cisco

If Partner Go offered to take your busywork off your hands, you’d accept in a heartbeat.

October 22, 2020

More time and less friction: Partner Go for Cisco
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If someone offered to take your busywork off your hands, you’d accept in a heartbeat.
That’s actually what Partner Go does. It frees up your time and reduces friction for you and your customers.
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, host Keri talks with Ingram Micro’s Craig Parsons, Sr. Business Transformation Manager, and Jim Bennett, Sr. Cisco Support Rep, about one of our greatest partner services—Partner Go.
Things mentioned:
  • Why Partner Go was created and what it does
  • Doing actual client interviews was more valuable than numerical data
  • Outcomes of eliminating friction in the sales process
  • Teasers for new Partner Go offerings
 “We looked at it as not just improving Ingram performance, but how do we improve the customer experience working with Ingram Micro? That was our focus.” — Craig Parsons

Partner Go for Cisco

It all started when Cisco partners reached out over the years asking for help with improving the process for their end users. This turned into a sophisticated self-service tool.
At first, Ingram Micro helped partners with automating the back end process of tracking their orders, getting status information, etc.
Then the self-service tool evolved into creating a path for partners to create quotes and place orders for a quicker turnaround for their customers.
Partner Go basically cuts out the “chasing down information” tasks that partners were seeing in both the front and back end work.

Qualitative vs. quantitative data

This service grew out of conversations with partners.
The actual interviews between Ingram Micro and partners improved the customer experience more than the numbers did.
The qualitative survey took into account these questions:
  • How can we improve the customer experience?
  • What do customers really want?
With a focus on improvement beyond quantitative data, Ingram Micro listened to the customers’ need to automate the quoting process and validate configurations.

The end result

Eliminating friction in the sales process is so important because it gives time back to the customer.
Instead of enduring different processes, asking for information and gathering data, partners can actually spend more time with their customers.
With Partner Go to handle the busywork, partners can invest more time in strategy, do industry research or apply creativity to a sale.

Strategies for a frictionless sales cycle

  • Study the ever-changing and ever-improving Cisco offerings to put forth new products to customers
  • Review your sales cycle with Ingram Micro to find out how to streamline or automate
  • Shamelessly steal the best practices of other Ingram Micro partners to reduce friction

Where is technology going within the next year?

Craig: More automation between vendors and partners and between partners and end users.
Jim: Automation definitely. Also artificial intelligence and machine learning will make numerical data more powerful and useful for us.
To learn more, reach out to your Ingram Micro sales rep, or read up on reducing friction with Partner Go.
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