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More Than a Distributor: Ingram Micro’s Integration Center

June 21, 2021

More Than a Distributor: Ingram Micro’s Integration Center
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When people hear the name Ingram Micro, they probably think of a few things. First, of the size of Ingram Micro. Second, they think of Ingram Micro as an IT distributor.

And both of those things are true. Ingram Micro is a massive company and we specialize in IT distribution, putting hardware and technology in the hands of the people who need it.

But do people think of the ways that Ingram Micro can integrate with their organization to propel it forward? Dan Grelle and John Marinick are here to make sure that integration is at the forefront of the conversation, as they talk about:
  • The Ingram Micro Integration Center
  • Why the Integration Center is unique, and how it uniquely positions Ingram Micro to deliver maximum value
  • How Ingram Micro can partner with clients to propel their businesses forward
  • Why Ingram Micro is more than just a distributor

More than a distributor

It’s true that Ingram Micro has built an incredible reputation as a leader in the technology and IT distribution space.

We deliver technology and hardware to businesses all over the world, having become one of the most trusted names in IT and technology distribution in the world.
But as anybody in the industry will tell you, hardware is becoming commoditized. More and more companies are trying to shy away from manufacturing and producing it, viewing it as a cost to be shed rather than revenue to be had.

Why integration?

So why did we decide at Ingram Micro to focus on integration, when we’d already built such a name for ourselves in the distribution space?
Simply put, there was demand.
Customers were looking for a deeper partnership beyond simple acquisition of hardware and technology, and it was a natural way for us at Ingram Micro to not only introduce integration assembly services, but also things like supply chain management, program management, engineering and more.

What does integration offer?

For independent software vendors and original equipment manufacturers, Ingram Micro offers things like credit and supply chain services, allowing them to drastically expand their offerings.

For resellers, we offer scalability and the ability to handle large complex orders that would usually be beyond the scope of feasibility for a smaller business.
But regardless of the partner type, anyone can take advantage of our integration center for things like business continuity and disaster recovery, as the entire facility is on an uninterruptible power supply and backed up by a one megawatt diesel generator.

So customers can be confident that their data and information are safe with us.
Want to hear more about the services we provide? Make sure and check out the entire interview with Dan and John.