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Modern apps in a multi-cloud world with VMware

December 16, 2021

Modern apps in a multi-cloud world with VMware
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 Over the next two years, 500 million new applications will be built and released into the marketplace. That’s equivalent to the number of apps created over the last 40 years.

Despite that startling statistic, there are still companies struggling to deploy their apps with speed, stability, security and at scale.
VMware Tanzu can help.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Karin Bash, Tanzu alliance manager at VMware, about:

  • What Tanzu helps companies do better
  • How the Tanzu portfolio enables DevSecOps to transform
  • How Tanzu automates operations

Benefits of VMware Tanzu

The mission statement of VMware Tanzu is to catalyze enterprise transformation through software.
Because modern apps are increasingly developed using hybrid and multi-cloud architectures, Tanzu is uniquely positioned to meet the evolving needs of customers.
Tanzu has largely been formed from multiple acquisitions—including the acquisition of a company led by two of the three original creators of Kubernetes—which has resulted in a powerful portfolio able to help organizations deliver better software to production faster and with less risk.
“The way companies are reaching that speed and scale is through using cloud native development methodologies, tools and processes,” Karin says.

Enabling DevSecOps

Security is baked into every layer of the Tanzu portfolio.
One thing Tanzu does is automate container packaging and builds.
“That takes the toil of managing new critical vulnerability patches and alerts off of the hands of the developers, leaving them more time to do what they want to do which is develop code,” Karin says.
It’s one of the many ways Tanzu enables speed to market.
“We also provide a validated container image registry with role-based access and policies, and images that the company has already approved for the developer teams to use,” she continues.
This means less time pulling unvalidated and untrusted open source code and less time patching security vulnerabilities.


Tanzu will be releasing a new bundle to market at the start of the new year that will provide a full suite of offerings for managing Kubernetes operations within a customer environment.
“Operations teams need to be able to provide trusted environments to their dev teams quickly and in a repeatable manner,” Karin says.
This new offering will help Ops teams by:
  • Controlling the lifecycle and policy management of their Kubernetes environments from a single pane of glass
  • Providing secure workload communication across clouds, clusters and VMs
  • Automating and monitoring their cloud Kubernetes platforms
  • Optimizing platform and application operating costs
  • Enforcing security, networking and compliance requirements
  • Enabling self-service access to the right infrastructure abstractions and app building blocks
 “This is speeding time to market which will empower these operations teams to meet the needs of the business,” Karin says. “And this is all done without overburdening their developers with managing the underlying infrastructure any longer.”
For more information, reach out to Karin or visit VMware.
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