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How Microsoft is Boosting WFH Well-Being and Productivity

Don’t let remote employee well-being or productivity suffer.

November 04, 2020

How Microsoft is Boosting WFH Well-Being and Productivity
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People are not machines—plain and simple. Microsoft realizes this and has taken the initiative to boost remote employee well-being and, subsequently, productivity.

Renee Abrams, Surface Solution Specialist at Microsoft, joins Keri on today’s episode to share how Microsoft is taking on WFH well-being. Plus, they talk about…

  • Rethinking team collaboration when everyone’s working remotely
  • How the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S 85” is improving teams’ workflow
  • Where Renee sees tech going in the coming year

Microsoft is Investing in Remote Worker Well-Being

Many of us are working longer and stranger hours than we ever have before. Throw in homeschooling and the stress of the pandemic, and it’s no wonder that everyone is feeling overwhelmed.

That’s why Microsoft has teamed up with Headspace to bring Teams and Outlook users some much-needed relief.

Headspace is helping remote employees prioritize their mental health by scheduling meditation breaks, checking in on feelings, and making room for focused work.

Rethinking Collaboration

In addition to Microsoft’s investment in WFH mental health, Renee shares another exciting addition to the lineup: Surface Hub 2S 85”.

This new digital whiteboard is perfect for hybrid meetings, classrooms, and even for home. Keep individuals safely distanced while not sacrificing visibility or utility.

The Surface Hub 2S 85”, set to release at the beginning of 2021, makes team collaboration seamless with simultaneous inking in Microsoft Whiteboard and larger-than-life remote attendees via Teams.

Where’s Technology Going?

Renee sees Microsoft going down a trajectory for enhancing productivity, collaboration, and security. The recent advancements Microsoft has announced are only the beginning of the solutions they’ll be thinking up in the coming year.

More on the Surface Hub 2S 85”. Contact the Ingram Micro Microsoft Surface Hub team at microsoft-surface-hub@ingrammicro.com.