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Manage your renewals in one place with RenewVue

April 16, 2021

Manage your renewals in one place with RenewVue
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Because new business was hyper-focused on secure solutions for the end customer in 2020, many organizations pressed pause on other projects.
Today, Ingram Micro continues to place emphasis on security while focusing on the development of its renewal services as it improves its single platform renewal-management tool, RenewVue.
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, Sweet Fish Media’s Logan Lyles talks with Lynne Thornton, Executive Director  Software and Sales Integrations at Ingram Micro, and Julie Czubinski, Sr. Sales Manager at Ingram Micro, about their involvement in Ingram Micro’s Women’s Forum and how RenewVue is helping partners grow.
They also talk about:
  • Information on Ingram Micro’s Women’s Forum
  • How Ingram Micro is addressing burnout for women in tech
  • What inspired the creation of RenewVue
  • The transition to subscription models
  • The future of technology

What is RenewVue? 

The renewal channel market continues to grow. Last year, new business focused less on new projects as partners were hyper-focused on secure solutions for their end customer. The channel for 2020 renewal remains steady as partners recognize the value of keeping their end customer’s environments upright.
In 2020, Ingram Micro continued to focus on developing the renewal tool RenewVue, a single platform, innovative renewal-management tool designed to promote increased renewal rates and end-user retention.
RenewVue gives channel partners access to data and resources proven to proactively drive sales, including flexible reports from nearly every angle, 360-degree views of upcoming renewal opportunities and a license locator for an end-to-end view of orders.

What inspired the creation of RenewVue?

Renewal management is varied across partner size. Midsized partners utilize third parties for renewal management, while many smaller partners still use spreadsheet management for renewals. RenewVue was built with the partner’s experience in mind in two specific areas:
Partners have visibility to large renewal opportunities, but not to smaller renewal deals.
Partners need to go to multiple portals to look at their renewals but don’t have the infrastructure to manage it.
With RenewVue, partners have both a tool that gives them visibility to all tools in one centralized platform and the ability to easily scale.

Why is there a transition to subscription models?

Subscription models inherently drive higher renewal rates. Subscriptions also drive high product value to the end customer as the end customer always has the vendors most recent version available to them. RenewVue helps manage support renewal, warranty renewal and subscription renewal.

Advice for partners

A piece of advice for partners: Engage no matter the size of the business. Partners inherently drive higher revenue and profitability by engagement, and engagement through the product lifecycle will not only drive successful end-user retention, but a heightened opportunity for product expansion at the time of renewal.

The future of technology

The global mass exodus to remote work in 2020 meant more people were obtaining remote solutions and equipment in the home office quickly. This year we’ll see another round of demand for upgrades in technology solutions to support remote/hybrid work.
Partners looking for guidance can contact their sales representatives or Ingram Micro’s renewal services division. Find more information at our Imagine Next page.