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Making meetings more equitable

December 20, 2022

Making meetings more equitable
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Meeting equity is not a new issue and has only risen in importance. With the increasingly common mix of remote and in-person teams, the right equipment makes all the difference for equal meeting participation, comprehension, and camaraderie.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Nathan Coutinho, Director of Business Strategy at Logitech, about:
  • Why meeting equity is crucial
  • How Logitech addresses meeting equity
  • Technology solving human problems

Why meeting equity is crucial

 Meetings should rally teams around group initiatives, bring everyone onto the same page and build synergy that drives growth—those outcomes are hard to achieve when low-quality visuals and audio hinder status reports.
“When the remote people joined, they started realizing that, ‘wait a minute, not everyone is in a square,’ because when we were all home, we all were behind our laptops and our desktops webcams, we were all framed correctly, and we all had a voice,” Nathan explains.
With hybrid models, the conference room becomes imbalanced for those still working remotely—fuzzy screens, inconsistent audio, household distractions and more halt clear communication and productivity.

How Logitech addresses meeting equity

 When everyone is on the same plane equipment-wise, hybrid meetings cease to be a hassle. Imagine a world where virtual team members feel as connected as in-person associates—that’s the world Logitech builds toward every day.
“We realized five years ago that one camera at the top of your screen was not going to be enough.” Nathan shares, “While we wanted to build this new product we announced, called Sight, we knew the industry had to mature.”
The pandemic was the final tipping point in maturity regarding videoconferencing, and Logitech was ready to meet that need. Sight attaches to a Rally Bar and frames the speaker wherever they are.
“If you look to the back of the room, we will frame you from the table or the front, depending on what's clear, and capture audio and video.” Nathan explains, “The best part is the end user that's in the room with whatever number of people you have there—they don't have to worry about what they are looking at. They just have a regular conversation.”

Technology solving human problems

 As the hybrid model shifts, different mixtures and patterns emerge. Logitech covers all the bases for meeting equity needs:
  • The Brio Fiber 5—ideal for any level of videoconferencing
  • The Brio 4k—perfect for a high meeting frequency
  • Any basic Logitech webcam—for lower meeting frequency
 “Being able to understand and frame the use case for each person based on how many video calls you're doing, what kind of video calls you're doing and then building a standard and issuing that standard to your employees is critical,” Nathan points out.
Equipping team members for the best chance of success leads to a more cohesive environment.
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