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Looking closer at cybercrime: the Quarterly Threat Landscape Report

Anthony Giandomenico discusses the current landscape and future of cyber threats.

September 13, 2019

Looking closer at cybercrime: the Quarterly Threat Landscape Report
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Anthony Giandomenico discusses cybercrime on B2B Tech Talk.
As technology continues to advance, the world is able to progress forward.
Unfortunately, not all agents use the development of technology for good.
Anthony Giandomenico, Senior Security Strategist/Researcher at Fortinet, fills us in on the precautions organizations should be taking to remain secure in a volatile environment.

He touches on:

  • The current landscape of malware
  • Ransomware’s progress
  • Cybercrime trends
  • The future of B2B technology and security

Quarterly Threat Landscape Report

Cybercrime: Protecting yourself now and in the future
Fortinet’s most recent Quarterly Threat Landscape Report dives deep into the cyber-threat scene for Q2 of 2019.
To develop this extensive outlook on cybercrime, Anthony and the team at Fortinet pull out the most prominent trends and patterns that they see from adversaries. He explains that there are currently 60+ evasion techniques that bad agents use to dodge numerous security defense systems.
“It’s important to make sure you can identify when the security controls you have are being turned off and on.” - Anthony Giandomenico
The Q2 2019 Threat Landscape Report highlights these key areas:
  • The Fortinet Threat Landscape Index measured a 4% increase in threat activity on the internet compared to this time last year
  • Remote access services continue to be targeted vulnerabilities for cybercriminals
  • A growing web of interdependencies increases the scope of exposures for criminals to infiltrate

Ransomware continues to advance

An obvious area Fortinet focuses on is the progress of ransomware attacks.
Anthony notes that ransomware techniques used to consist of bad agents “spraying and praying” that their methods would stick to some vulnerability. Now, it’s a much more targeted approach.
Criminals will do thorough research to find organizations with lacking security procedures. Once they find a vantage point, a swarm-like approach is taken. Plus, instead of using traditional techniques like phishing emails, more and more adversaries are focusing on remote access services.
“The cybercrime ecosystem is a very competitive market.” - Anthony Giandomenico
Furthermore, Anthony warns that with increased interconnectivity (consumer IoT, ICS), there continues to be more attack vectors. It’s crucial that your employees understand how to keep security functions updated on not only their work devices, but their personal devices as well.
It may also be wise to separate your business’s network from that of your remote employees.


The future of B2B security

Anthony and the team at Fortinet predict that widespread 5G will only make it easier and faster for cybercriminals to infiltrate network vulnerabilities. Being that it’s likely for 5G to be commonplace in 2021 (if not 2020), Anthony stresses organizations to educate their employees on safety tactics.
He suggests becoming familiar with what adversaries need to do to complete their missions. A deeper understanding of cybercrime processes will help organizations be proactive against attacks.

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