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Looking Ahead: Data Security Solutions for 2021 and Beyond

November 09, 2021

Looking Ahead: Data Security Solutions for 2021 and Beyond
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It should probably go without saying at this point, but the COVID-19 pandemic changed the landscape of business forever. While some companies may be “returning to work,” the way that we work has changed.

And with that change comes an increased need for security. With so many people working from home, companies are seeing their most valuable assets—their intellectual property living out in the cloud behind unsecured home Wi-Fi networks. And while VPNs are great, they’re not foolproof.

On this episode of B2B Tech Talk, we sit down with Jim Fulton, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Forcepoint, to chat all about:

  • The driving forces behind the renewed interest in data security
  • How the technology behind it has changed over the years
  • Why IT professionals are not the bad guys when it comes to data protection and security
  • Where he sees technology going in the next year

What is data security and why does it matter?

We’ve all been beaten to death with stories and news articles about security breaches. It seems like every day another company is falling victim to these attacks, and honestly, it feels like too much time is spent dragging out scare tactics.

But one thing is true: the massive influx of home-based employees in 2020 posed some very real challenges for the security industry. Companies scrambled to get their employees set up to work remotely, only to realize that the sensitive data that auditors require them to control, or their intellectual property, was suddenly living outside of their corporate networks.

We’ve seen a real resurgence in the past 18 months of interest from organizations from all across the spectrum in knowing where their information is. And even more importantly, how do they retain control of what their people can do with that data, because it really is out there in the wild.

Changing technology

It used to be that DLP tools were enough. You had tools on your corporate computer that dictated what you could and couldn’t do with data. But beyond staying within those guardrails, there wasn’t a lot of visibility. If Bob was allowed to upload/download a certain document to a certain shared drive, he was okay to do so.

But as the times have changed, so has the technology.

Behavior-based security is crucial. Bob may be allowed to upload or download the documents, but he usually does so between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. But all of a sudden, Bob is downloading things at 1 a.m. or downloading things from locations that make no sense given his role.

Data security is paying attention to those trends and creating ways for the workforce to do their jobs remotely, wherever they may be, while having the confidence that they can maintain control of their most sensitive data.

We’re just scratching the surface of data security, so make sure to listen to Jim’s entire interview.

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