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Lift and shift seamlessly with IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

August 17, 2020

Lift and shift seamlessly with IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions
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The words “cloud migration” and “easy” have never gone together—until IBM decided they should.
IBM's Public Cloud allows you to lift and shift any VMware tools from any other cloud or data center with zero alterations to your applications.
Matt Johnson, one of IBM’s youngest Product Managers, explains how cloud migration can be so easy on this episode of B2B Tech Talk. He also discusses:
  • Why VMware customers are moving to the public cloud and the obstacles they’re running into
  • The benefits of transitioning over to an IBM Cloud for VMware solutions platform
  • Why consistency in cloud management is critical for the future

"There is a dire need to get out of the business of owning a data center and to adopt the principle that is the public cloud." — Matt Johnson

IT budgets are being slashed
It’s no secret that IT budgets—in addition to many other types of budgets—are being cut due to the economic downturn.

If your business is still operating an on-premise data center, budget cuts are especially bad news. There’s really no other option for growth besides migrating to the public cloud at this point (which can be a big hassle).

No other option, until now…

IBM Cloud for VMware solutions
Do you need to migrate to the cloud? Are you operating on VMware software? Are you stressed about the refactoring and replatforming that goes into migrating your applications?

You’re in luck!
With IBM’s public cloud, you don’t have to change anything about your VMware applications. That’s right: nothing needs to change.
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No matter where you were running VMware originally—your data center or a different cloud—it can be run on IBM Cloud as-is.

The future of cloud
Matt sees the future of technology and the cloud in particular moving to consistent management. There’s not just one public cloud provider. So why should businesses be forced to operate in one cloud or be disjointed?

IBM Cloud has had multi-cloud management ingrained since the very beginning.
Plus, IBM Cloud is accommodating new, modernized and even old applications. Want to migrate that oldie-but-goodie? No prob!
Partners can find more information on IBM Cloud for VMware solutions by contacting Don Oehman at Ingram Micro or information on IBM cloud serviceshere.
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