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Enabling Digital Transformation: Lexmark’s Work in the MPS Space

How Lexmark is mitigating threats to MPS market growth

November 18, 2020

Enabling Digital Transformation: Lexmark’s Work in the MPS Space
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At its inception, Lexmark encountered the toughest printing application environments.
Today, it continues to change and move faster than any organization in the industry.
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, Keri Roberts catches up with Phil Carter, Director of Services Portfolio Management at Lexmark and Steve Delaney, a Distribution Account Manager with Lexmark to talk about what the company is currently doing in the MPS space.
They also discuss:
  • MPS market threats and opportunities
  • Lexmark and the catalyst for MPS market growth
  • Printer device security and sustainability 
  • How technology is becoming more invisible

MPS market threats and opportunities

The impact of COVID-19 on the MPS industry is wide ranging, but the most significant threat has been for vendors who feel the pressure of MPS impact. It’s a challenging time; fewer people at the office means fewer people printing, and remote workers don’t have the same print volume as office workers.
On the other hand, there are significant device opportunities, such as the need to get print to the people who really need devices at home. And, as companies think about returning to the office, they may shift from A3 devices, where many people print to one device, to smaller A4 devices. Cloud solutions will also be important as remote service solutions will minimize physical contact in an office environment.

Lexmark and MPS market growth

Businesses want print or print capacity, not printers, which is why they look to MPS. SMB customers in particular are key, as they’re trying to figure out exactly what MPS optimally looks like for them.
Because so many organizations are focused on cloud migration, having a strong suite of cloud-native solutions for print management is becoming more and more critical. Thus, an as-a-service or subscription model, coupled with cloud-native technology, will be the key to delivering differentiated MPS.
For Lexmark, the focus on MPS stems from a mission to eliminate IT burden, enable digital transformation, drive savings and flexibility, and simplify the entire print ecosystem.

The push to cloud and IoT focus

The push to cloud comes from Lexmark’s customers. Cloud is a top priority for almost every business; it’s what the market demands.
From an IoT standpoint, Lexmark harnesses the wealth of data connected devices provide so they can deliver a better customer experience, build better products and provide greater insights to customers in how to become more efficient in their processes.
Because they own the print engine, the device firmware, the global support and analytics system, and the service processes, Lexmark is able to deliver IOT solutions that provide exceptional value.

Security and sustainability

Security is an integral design and engineering goal embedded in Lexmark products and services. That means encrypted and digitally signed firmware, secure boot technology and continuous verification all across the product lineup.
Sustainability starts with building devices that last a long time, and involves the ability to provide and perform smart refreshes through IoT and analytics technology, which prevents premature replacement and landfill use. Sustainability is also enforced with cloud solutions that leverage shared computing power and decrease energy consumption.

Lexmark and Ingram Micro

Lexmark is a President’s Club vendor, which is a selected group of vendors that work with Ingram Micro and enables both companies to cultivate business relationships. Lexmark brings a full spectrum of laser printers to Ingram Micro for their MPS program, allowing both organizations to support the current work-from-home market.

Where is technology going?

Technology is a more and more subtle, immersive experience. Consider the way the cloud removes infrastructure that’s connected to print support. Or how IoT brings predictive support to find and correct issues before customers even notice. Or how automation will make ordering supplies unnecessary and solutions will eliminate workflow process friction. Technology makes problems disappear while it becomes more invisible too.

Learn more about Lexmark and Managed Print Services by visiting their website.