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Leveraging Power10 for hybrid cloud strategy

July 21, 2022

Leveraging Power10 for hybrid cloud strategy
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If we look at the characteristics of a processor, they have historically been very data-oriented. To keep up with the increasing demand, IBM has launched Power10—the latest generation of Power technology meant to drive data, security and AI of the future.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Rick Bjorck, vice president, IBM Power at IBM, about:
  • What Power10 means for the hybrid cloud ecosystem
  • Who Power10 is for
  • The security features that set Power10 apart from competitors

What Power10 means for the hybrid cloud ecosystem

In the past, clients have described IBM as stodgy or lethargic—an image that has been flipped on its head in recent years, becoming a primarily growth-focused company.
“We've had a couple of really good quarters; we've divested of a lot of businesses that were not core to this. And it's resonating with our clients as we continue to move forward here in 2022,” Rick explains.
One of the ways to achieve that growth: hybrid cloud.
Rick breaks down the ways Power10 differentiates itself:
  • One platform: Using the cloud, you can run Linux, AIX and IBM i apps in one platform.
  • Most reliable: Behind the mainframe, Power10 is the most reliable platform on the market. 
  • Security: One of the much more secure Intel platforms on the market.
  • AI: Using accelerators, the platform can increase the performance and speed at which AI is executed.

Who Power10 is for

For most people, when they think of IBM and who uses Power10, Rick explains that the assumption is it’s primarily for Fortune 100 or 200 companies. The reality, however, looks much different.
Rick explains, “We have thousands of clients in the United States, and many more thousands worldwide running Power10. It's all the way from small companies that have 1,000–500,000 employees up to the Fortune 5 and the Fortune 10 clients.”
For most companies, they really care about a mission-critical application. Whether that be in supply chain, trucking logistics or running the website of a giant company, Power10 works for everyone.

The security features that set Power10 apart from competitors

Besides those with a mission-critical application, Power10 is a top choice for those looking for security now and in the future.
There’s a number of features that Power10 does differently than competitors:
  • Transparent memory encryption
  • Analyzing data without decrypting it
  • Security for future quantum technology
 While Power10 is the top choice of today, it will continue the trend well into the coming years.
“When you make an investment in Power10, you have a very high confidence that this will continue to be a secure and safe platform well into the future,” Rick says.
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