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Leveraging collaboration and corporate togetherness with Mike Stachura

August 16, 2022

Leveraging collaboration and corporate togetherness with Mike Stachura
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Corporate togetherness is more than a snappy slogan for returning to the office. Togetherness as a whole means making genuine efforts to connect with colleagues.
New devices and solutions to encourage corporate togetherness hit the scene practically every other day—what makes LG’s “one-quick display” a worthwhile investment?
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Mike Stachura, national account manager at LG Commercial Displays USA, about:

  • Corporate togetherness
  • What makes the “one-quick display” software unique
  • How LG display offerings support communication

Corporate togetherness

In recent times, there’s been a yo-yo effect around in-person working—remote, onsite, remote and back again. And then, another layer of whiplash arrives in the form of hybrid work models.
However, corporate togetherness pertains to connection in all forms. Togetherness is relevant for any team in any working structure.
“The collaborative element of it [is important], whether that be physically near each other, or connected through a chat program or video call,” Mike shares.
Videoconferencing and chats allow team members to connect and, to a point, can simulate the feeling of being across from each other at their desks.
Corporate togetherness is more of a feeling than any single program, device or work model. However, the right tool can do wonders.

What makes the “one-quick display” software unique

With no shortage of devices and software hitting the market, it can be a tall order to differentiate a product.
LG strives to deliver simple, efficient devices and software built for connection. “We just came out with this new one-quick display, and it's pretty slick,” Mike shares. “It's an all-in-one touchscreen.”
The one-quick display boasts the following features:
  • A 43-inch and 55-inch option
  • Built-in webcam
  • Windows operating system
  • Multiple video collaboration tools built into the display
  • Simplicity on all fronts
 “Just from a click of a button—just touch the screen—I can launch Zoom, Webex, Teams, Skype, anything like that, right from the display,” Mike explains.
Collaboration is at the center of the one-quick display solution. “You click, log in and it's got all your stuff right there, you just choose which device,” Mike continues.

How LG display offerings support communication

Communication happens in every corner of a business. Customers, employees, managers, CEOs—everyone is on a similar mission for clear and effective communication.
With LG displays, you can even achieve consistent communication as soon as someone steps into the lobby.
“You can have a virtual assistant pop up and say, ‘Okay, I'll go dial Bill, he'll be right up to get you.’ You can have that same LG experience throughout the entire facility, the entire campus and digital signage at employee engagement.”
Consistency is a sizable motivator for adopting new processes. With LG’s one-quick display, the only limit is your creativity.
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