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Leveling up multi-cloud management with VMware Aria

December 21, 2022

Leveling up multi-cloud management with VMware Aria
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VMware Aria lessens the finger-pointing in IT and provides a clear-cut solution to common IT plights. Multi-cloud management is critical within most organizations today and shouldn’t be left to chance.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with David Eaton, technology consultant II at Ingram Micro, about:
  • Uses for VMware Aria
  • Real-world impacts of VMware Aria
  • How VMware became an essential asset for enterprise organizations

Uses for VMware Aria

 VRealize Operations is transitioning into VMWare Aria with an almost unrecognizable interface and expanded capabilities.
“Aria is going to be focused on the multi-cloud environment. You're still gonna have all the same great features that VRealize has always offered and provided,” David explains, “But with Aria, you can now pull in data from multiple cloud vendors that you may be doing business with.”
Aria takes that extra step into multi-cloud and helps manage and operate businesses smoothly across dynamic environments.

Real-world impacts of VMware Aria

 David was previously employed at Blue Medora before they were acquired by VMware. Blue Medora’s main focus was connecting the dots of servers and hardware, creating dashboards based on a variety of separate manufacturers.
“They're very trusted in the industry, and they needed a solution that would break down those silos and incorporate everything into an NOC that everybody can see,” David shares, “And there are no more pointing fingers, it's more, ‘here's a solution, it's recommended we do this, can we do this,’ and so on.”
After adopting VMware, Blue Medora made the software one of their operational efficiency requirements due to how much of a win it provided.

How VMware became an essential asset for enterprise organizations

 Adopting new software can be daunting, but more and more enterprises are recognizing the benefits of VMware solutions and incorporating them into their business models for improved results.
“VMware offers a 60-day trial on all their products.” David explains, “I ask people to try a 60-day trial, see if they like it, install it, get it up and running and tell me what they think. They come back to me saying, ‘I have 17 issues throughout the week that I didn't even know about, and now I'm able to fix them because of the software.’”
VMware is becoming a need-to-have instead of a nice-to-have for enterprise-level organizations to the extent that it’s hard to imagine returning to what they were using before.
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