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3 security elements you need across the entire network

Does your network have visibility, intelligence and enforcement across all access points? It should…

November 11, 2020

3 security elements you need across the entire network
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Visibility, intelligence and enforcement aren’t only necessary for choke point security—they need to cover the entire network.
Those are three crucial security elements that Samantha Madrid, VP of Security Business & Strategy at Juniper Networks, shares with Keri in this episode. They also discuss…
  • How each of the three security elements affects your network
  • How virtual firewalls from Juniper keep cloud environments safe
  • Why Samantha has prioritized diversity at Juniper
  • Where Samantha sees technology going
"In order to protect the network, you need to know every single device that is on the network and how it's behaving." — Samantha Madrid, Juniper Networks

3 security elements you need

There are three vital security measures that need to be implemented over your entire network. Those are…


Effective visibility means taking every single device on your network into account. This can be challenging for modern IT managers due to the fact that the average person owns 2-3 devices.
Moreover, security teams need to understand how those devices behave in order to catch any anomalies.


Security intelligence is what makes threat detection possible. Again, intelligence needs to encompass your whole ecosystem, not just highly trafficked areas.
Security knowledge and machine learning help a security admin understand behavioral attributes and what they mean. When an IT manager can identify an attack as it’s happening, it gives the network and IT a chance to respond before matters get worse.


Threat detection is only half the job—once a threat is identified there needs to be something done about it. Enforcement across your entire network allows you to keep threats out of the environment.

One tool to do it all

Thinking about implementing all three crucial security measures across a hybrid or cloud environment can be quite daunting.
Fortunately, Juniper offers vSRX Firewalls for private, hybrid or public cloud ecosystems. Their firewalls check all the boxes and protect your whole network.

Where technology is going

Samantha sees further convergence of networking and security technologies as technology advances in the coming years. And, as public cloud applications continue to get closer to the end user, it will be essential to secure all access points of your network.
Learn more about Juniper security solutions. Contact the Juniper team at Ingram Micro: juniper.assist@ingrammicro.com.