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7 fast-growing revenue opportunities for partners

Looking for new revenue opportunities? Jeff Yelton offers 7 to consider.

October 23, 2020

7 fast-growing revenue opportunities for partners
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Partners searching for new revenue streams are in luck.
In this episode, Jeff Yelton, the VP and GM of Advanced Solutions at Ingram Micro, provides partners with two immediate and five quickly evolving revenue opportunities. Plus, he and Keri discuss…
  • Why partners should be focused on UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service)
  • Reasons for Ingram Micro expanding into South Carolina
  • The future of partner opportunities in emerging technology

5 evolving revenue opportunities

Jeff points out five technologies that partners should be knowledgeable about because they’re going to be part of our future.

The cloud  
Cloud services have been one of the largest growth areas for partners and only continue to increase. There are myriad opportunities to offer cloud services to your customers, but many SMBs are still hesitant to make the shift.
Jeff advises partners to consider offering all-inclusive cloud services, including application stacks and infrastructure to support those applications.

Jeff has seen a lot of partners roll their eyes when they hear “IoT.” Nonetheless, IoT has seen triple-digit growth.
He suggests instead of thinking about IoT holistically, think of it on a use case basis. Is there a particular customer that could use IoT to grow their business? Start there.

It’s a bit further off, but 5G has been rolling out in bigger cities. Make sure you understand the implications before your customers start asking about it.

Edge computing  
More devices mean more data and more data processing. The cloud isn’t going to meet all of your customers’ computing needs. Start thinking about how you can implement edge computing services.

Extended reality  
The last emerging technology Jeff urges partners to consider is extended reality, including virtual reality and augmented reality. They may be off in the far distance for your customers, but don’t underestimate the development of VR and AR.

Areas driving immediate revenue today

Keeping an eye on emerging technologies is a savvy move. But sometimes you need an extra revenue stream ASAP.
"If I were a data center partner, I'd make sure I was focused on security." — Jeff Yelton
Security services are obviously crucial in this day and age. Plus, customers are more aware of the need for information security than ever before.
That just leaves expanding your services and upselling customers to you.
The second immediate revenue opportunity Jeff points out is UCaaS.
"If I were under stress from a profit point of view, I would focus on unified communications because it's an area where you can make money immediately, right now, today." — Jeff Yelton
The adoption of video and collaboration tools shot up at break-neck speeds. Partners have the chance to provide customers with endpoint support for popular unified communication channels.
What’s better than offering more value to your customers and getting paid quickly?

Future opportunities in tech

Jeff urges partners to read up on the five evolving technologies he mentioned earlier (cloud, IoT, 5G, edge computing, extended reality).
Because if you don’t know how to explain cutting-edge technologies to your customers, they’ll find someone who can.
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