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Introduction to the IBM Embedded Partner Program

June 02, 2020

Introduction to the IBM Embedded Partner Program
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Which company sells the most tires to consumers? Bridgestone? Goodyear? In reality, the biggest tire sellers are companies like Ford and GM. Without tires, vehicles wouldn’t be as valuable.
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, Alex Madrigal, business development leader at IBM, explains how IBM wants to be the Goodyear to your Ford through IBM’s Embedded Partner Program.

Alex talks about:

  • How IBM can provide your company with the tech it needs to deliver its solution to the market
  • The advantages of partnering with IBM to go to market
  • How companies will succeed in the new world economy
"When partners embed IBM analytical tools into their platforms, they see a 15% year-over-year growth in revenue." — Alex Madrigal 

What is the Embedded Partner Program from IBM?

Like we alluded to before, the Embedded Partner Program from IBM helps tech companies of all sizes go from good to great.
Alex discloses that the goal of the EPP is to enhance what IBM’s partners are already offering the market and to assist companies in delivering new solutions to the market.
"The Embedded Partner Program at IBM provides companies the opportunity to enhance their own products or services while leveraging or integrating IBM solutions." — Alex Madrigal
Essentially, partners who go the EPP route will have access to cutting-edge technology (the same stuff Watson uses) while keeping all the rights to their IP. Simply put, IBM wants to be a part of the next Facebook, Airbnb or Uber.
Could that be you?

Why choose the Embedded Partner Program?

There are several advantages to partnering with IBM via the EPP:
  1. Faster time to market
  2. Reduced development costs
  3. Increased profits
  4. The ability to differentiate your solution from your competitors’
  5. Access to IBM marketing services
  6. You keep all the rights to your solution
Any sized company from any sector can apply for IBM’s Embedded Partner Program.
"The companies that are able to adapt — that are able to develop a solution on open source standards (embracing AI, embracing hybrid cloud) — are the companies that are really going to succeed in this new world economy." — Alex Madrigal

Find out more about Embedded Solution Agreements here and here. You can also email Kevin Fischer at kevin.fischer@ingrammicro.com for more information.