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Introducing the Surface Pro 9 with Kristin Friend

November 10, 2022

Introducing the Surface Pro 9 with Kristin Friend
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After 10 years of designing devices that empower employees to work and create the way they want—with a focus on quality craftsmanship—Microsoft shows no signs of slowing down.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Kristin Friend, Surface senior PDM at Microsoft, about:
  • New Microsoft devices coming to market
  • A must have Surface Pro 9 accessory
  • How Microsoft has adapted over the last 10 years 

New Microsoft devices coming to market

 Microsoft recently introduced the Surface Pro 9 at the Ignite event, uniting their Pro line with their Pro X into one device. The Surface Pro 9 with 5G also made its debut.
“It allows for some choice in performance by bringing together the Pro and Pro X lines under one pro with Surface Pro 9—it has a better performance with the latest Intel 12th Gen quad-core processor on that Intel EPO platform, with Thunderbolt four for the ports,” Kristin explains.
They’ve also added Dolby Vision IQ into displays for more vivid images, still with the top-notch cameras and mics consumers expect.

A must-have Surface Pro 9 accessory

 You can’t have a tree with no leaves—with this mindset, Microsoft introduced a Surface Audio Dock to complement their new releases.
“This has a great premium sound and is a simplified desk setup without sacrifice. The dock connects with two monitors, has four ports, a speaker and is Teams enabled,” Kristin shares.
The Surface Audio Dock boasts a mute button, mute indicators, volume manipulation, Teams auto-connect and more. Designed for ease of use and versatility, presentations cease to be a hassle. All capabilities work from the palm of your hand.

How Microsoft has adapted over the last 10 years

 The war between employees and businesses was raging 10 years ago, based on a belief that corporations had no value on employee effort, time or health, with considerations geared toward profit only.
This imbalance paved the way for more transparent business practices and still drives change today. Microsoft was ahead of the curve regarding fostering trust between company initiatives and employees.
“One thing I love about Microsoft—and working here—is our culture.” Kristin points out, “Microsoft runs on trust, and it's been our model for a very long time. We continue to evolve to create devices and software to meet the needs of everybody on the planet, to achieve more.”
Microsoft has also developed their sustainability plan to match the expectation of today's consumers. They continue to adapt to evolving business needs and lean into innovation. 
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